Alpine Wellness

A trip to Tirol has loads of health-promoting effects. The Heart of the Alps not only offers dreamlike mountain landscapes but also fresh air and truly relaxing health treatments. Put your focus on recharging your energy: Find out more about the healing effects of mountain herbs, which help to relieve stress by aiding relaxation.

The infinite variety of Alpine herbs, growing on Tirol's lush green meadows and pasturelands, has almost incredible healing powers. Natural remedies passed down from one generation to the next, have been used by Tirol's locals for hundreds of years in order to promote healing. Still today natural well-being programs are strongly influenced by this knowledge. Through a myriad of unique treatments and natural remedies, such as herbal steam baths, hay wraps and invigorating Kneipp ablution treatments, you’ll feel both a sense of calm and rejuvenation that renews the soul and ignites a spark to the spirit:

  • A wonderful Tirolean mountain pine bath with essential oils has anti-inflammatory effects, stimulates your blood flow and eases respiratory problems.
  • Special treatments applying 180-million year old Tirolean shale oil are perfect for hair and skincare, and also give relief from musculoskeletal pains.
  • Thanks to the healing powers of the Tirolean stone pine, people suffering from mental or physical disorders get a lower heartbeat. In addition, the tree's nice-smelling wood stabilizes blood circulation and pressure.
  • A relaxing mountain hay wrap using Tirolean meadow herbs has healing and strongly purifying effects, relieving diseases of the respiratory system and preventing illness in general.