Attractions in Tirol

Surrounded by majestic mountains, Tirol’s scenery is inspiring and revitalizing. From the mild to the wild you'll find your adventure threshold here at the Land in the Mountains. The expansive natural environment offers superb air, water and land based activities. 

While Tirol has its share of stunning natural attractions, it is also rich in culture, so there are a lot of cool places and attractions to visit—find the ones that suit your interests and you and the kids will be playing all day: from exploring the thriving arts and culture scene and visiting museums and galleries, castles and palaces, over high ropes courses, zoos, recreational & amusement parks to swimming fun.

All Attractions of Tirol

Tirol is jam-packed with things to do. The hardest part of planning your holiday will be deciding which to do first!

Kugelwald Glungezer

Family Attractions

Come see animals, splash into the water, play and climb around – with so many things to see and do, Tirol is an ideal family vacation destination.

High Ropes Courses

Come and join the adventure and fun for all ages on Tirol’s awesome high hopes courses. Amaze yourself as you take the gravity defying challenges and head on...


Take a tour through history at Tirol’s museums - they provide an educational insight of our culture, history and contemporary themes.

Castles & Palaces

Up and down the country there are places where time has stood still. Our preserved heritage attractions provide a glimpse of the past.