Cycling in Tirol

If the Alps are Tirol's defining geographic feature, mountain biking must be its signature summer activity on two wheels. But don’t be fooled, Tirol is as well home to scenic high-altitude drives and winding valley rides, which means it also lures cycling families and road bikers to its hundreds of miles of scenic roadways. Cyclists enjoy amazing rides that span creekside tracks and wind gently through wild flower meadows. The Heart of the Alps offers some of the most epic rides you'll be able to find.

Besides granting access to postcard-worthy views and fresh air, Tirol’s stunning network of more than 920 kilometers of cycle paths and roads will lead you to delicious, locally-sourced culinary delights: Cyclists can work up an appetite taking in the Alpine splendour before tucking into a delicious spread at one of the many trailside inns and restaurants. Or, take a leisurely scenic ride with a high-end electric-assist mountain bike that will have you exploring breathtaking trails with ease. Allowing you to power along with as much or as little effort as you wish, these bikes have been gaining popularity throughout Tirol during the last few years. There’s an extensive network of rental shops and charging stations available. If you're tired from cycling, you can ride one of the many no-hassle shuttle bus services – many of which are free to use.

Stunning scenery and varied local attractions will compete for your attention as you explore Tirol’s top twelve regions for road cycling. With countless and diverse cycle trails and miles of amazing road biking routes outside their door, they also offer bike repairs and rentals, quality assured accommodations for avid cyclists and a full calendar of events.

Cruising along Inn Cycle Path

Tirol's Best Bicycle Rides

Browse our overview of cycle paths, road cycling and electric bike tours - sort by difficulty, riding time and vertical gain to find the perfect ride for you.

Via Claudia Augusta

Long-Distance Cycle Paths

Get up close and personal with stunning scenery, cultural treasures and culinary delights while cruising along Tirol’s long-distance cycle paths.

Electric Biking along Via Claudia Augusta

Electric Bicycle Tours

Love cycling but find hills a struggle? There are electric bikes for hire around Tirol. They give a great boost to your ride, making light work of hills and headwinds. Hills? What Hills?

Family Cycle Tour along Drau Cycle Path

Easy Bike Rides for Families

Enjoy a child's-eye view of the world: Family-friendly rides through Tirol’s magnificent countryside with plenty of attractions along the way keep children entertained.

Accommodation for Cyclists

Choose from over 100 quality inspected specialist accommodations that will look after both you and your bike during your cycling holiday in Tirol.

Culinary bicycle touring

Culinary Bike Tours

Take a break during your leisurely cycling tour and recharge your battery in one of Tirol's many inns.