Trail Signage & Marking

Eagle Walk trail signage is ready to guide your next adventure: The Eagle Walk is well marked and easy to follow.

At the trailhead of each Eagle Walk stage you will find a white sign that identifies

  • trailhead and destination of the stage
  • distance
  • approximate hiking time
  • elevation gain and loss
  • difficulty rating.

The uniform marker, or reassurance marker, is the famous Eagle Walk logo eagle, inviting you to take a walk along its wings .

Wayfinding Made Easy: Directional Signs & Trail Markers

  • Yellow-paint signs showing the Eagle Walk logo eagle and
  • red-white-red blazes

mark the Eagle Walk, and may be located on trees, rocks, or posts. The signs along each stage also show the level of difficulty, the estimated walking time, the trail no. and information on serviced Alpine pasture huts and on-mountain eateries along the trail .