Culinary Experience

At the rustic cottage, at the dumpling festival, at an Alpine farm or at a toque restaurant: Tirol has something special to offer wherever you go - exciting creations and secret recipes made from home-grown produce. The basis for Tirol’s exceptional cuisine is its clear spring waters and mountains, which have helped create regional specialities for centuries. On special gourmet trails, you will discover the secrets of Tirol’s great variety of tastes, and how typical Tirolean products are made.

There is nothing better than locally crafted and locally grown products!

Made in Tirol

The basis for Tirol’s exceptional cuisine is its clear spring waters and majestic mountains. Regional products have benefited from these basic ingredients for centuries.

Tirolean Marend

Tirolean “Marend”

The original in-between snack with speck, mountain cheese, cured sausages and bread which is traditionally enjoyed in the afternoon or early evening.


Tirol Schnapps Route

Tirol is on the bucket list of schnapps lovers near and far, and for good reason. Get the inside scoop from the distillers themselves and savour the fruit of their work, literally!

Tirolean Gourmet Routes

Taste of Place Tours

Experience where Tirol’s quality agricultural products begin by visiting our farms and food producers on one of 17 enjoyable Taste of Place Tours.

Award-Winning Restaurants

There are currently around 70 restaurants that have been awarded the Gault Millau toques as proof of their top-quality food offerings.