Shopping in Tirol

Shopping in Tirol is truly a delightful experience. Our authentic and attractive downtowns are widely recognized as a key part of the country’s allure for visitors from around the globe. From malls and large department stores over exclusive boutiques at lively shopping sprees to locally-owned retail businesses that display their specialty goods proudly, Tirol’s downtowns are a centerpiece of community life. Stroll charming, historic downtown areas, peruse department stores of architectural significance, or explore the tastes and textures of Tirol's culinary delicacies on farmers’ markets for a wonderful, relaxing shopping experience. We think you'll enjoy what you find.

Kaufhaus Tyrol

Department Stores

Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion or authentic souvenirs, you’ll find it in Tirol's unique shopping malls and large department stores.

Tirol Shop - "Elmen" Tank Top

Tirol Shop

Your one stop shop to buy all things Tirol: The collection is available from the Tirol Shops in Innsbruck & Lienz, from selected retail shops across the country and from the Online Shop.


Tirolean Tracht

Today the wearing of dirndl and lederhosen, the national costume in Tirol, is not only a history or custom; it's more of a lifestyle.


Tirolean Art and Crafts

Wood, leather, glass, loden and felt – fine Tirolean handicrafts are deeply rooted in the country's Alpine tradition.

Wilten Farmers' Market

Farmers' Markets

Our farmers get together at town and village centers around Tirol at local farmers' markets. Think of them as large gourmet food stores where "buy local" is the motto.