Summer Vacation

Summer in Tirol inspires bursts of energy to get out and enjoy the amazing mountain scenery — from hiking over mountain biking and road cycling to climbing and family activities. There's a constant pulse of cultural events, worthwhile attractions, nature escapes and traditional festivities across this inspiring landscape. Splash-worthy shimmering lakes offer tons of ways to beat the summer heat.

Walking & Hiking

Welcome to the Tirol Mountains: Some 24,000 kilometres of marked hiking and mountain trails lead through Tirol.

Mountain Biking

Tirol is a mountain biker's playground. In the Heart of the Alps, you can't go wrong – especially if you're on two wheels.

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Cycling & Mountain Biking

Tirol has tremendous mountain biking for all ability levels on over 5,600 kilometers of single track and 900+ kilometers of backcountry and road biking trails.

Climbing in Tirol


From bouldering to ascending cliffs and rock formations, you’ll find hundreds of challenging rock climbs all across Tirol’s mountains, including specially designated climbing terrains and via ferratas.

Swimming Lakes

Soak up the sun with the mountains as lovely backdrop. Refreshing mountain lakes and themed outdoor pools for children: Unlimited get-wet pleasures are waiting for you in Tirol!

Cattle Drives in Tirol

Cattle Drives

In September, farming villages all over Tirol round up the herds for the great autumn cattle drive. The homecoming of the cows is still a very special and proud day for the villages.

Nature Parks

Nature Parks & National Parks

You’ll find many places to enjoy Tirol’s amazing natural beauty. There are five Nature Parks and Hohe Tauern National Park waiting to be explored–becoming one with nature has never been easier!