Christmas Market at the Old Town of Innsbruck
© Christmas Market at the Old Town of Innsbruck
Advent Season

Some of the simplest joys of the season are the atmospheric Christmas Markets taking place throughout the country.

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Tradition and Heritage in Tirol

Taste a slice of Tirol’s history and culture by witnessing events deeply rooted in tradition, from mountain fires and cattle drives to Christmas markets and carnival parades…

Tirol is a multi-faceted country – with many diverse regions and valleys with different dialects, mentalities and mannerisms, which has led to a variety of traditions that are celebrated and maintained with much joy. Ancient customs and festivals are celebrated all year round. Ranging from the exuberant carnival at the beginning of the year, to the more contemplative Easter period, midsummer solstice celebrations, autumn harvest festival and peaceful Christmas time; day to day life is regularly punctuated by special celebrations and events.

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