Bike Guiding

They know the route like the back of their hands and are on first-name-basis with the mountains: Bike guides are just the ticket for your mountainbike holiday in Tirol.

You can concentrate on your fitness and having fun, and don’t have to waste any time on route planning: First-rate professional guides will organise every last detail if you decide in favour of a guided bike tour. They know the route, explain about inclines and curves ahead, and - of course - have the best tips in terms of where to best take a break for a snack or some great views. And because the local trail-savvy guides will of course ensure that the skill levels needed for the tour match those of the participants, nobody will be over or underwhelmed.

Technique Training

The bike guides and bike guide schools in Tirol are a great resource if you are looking to improve your riding technique. The various workshops offered concentrate on specific topics to better internalise mountainbiking for the serious athlete: from the correct settings for the bike to its maintenance, efficient gear changes on inclines, right down to proper behaviour on single trail ground or while downhilling.

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