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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe

Set Jetting: A Behind-the-Scenes View of the James Bond Film Set Obertilliach in East Tirol

Updated on 11.09.2018 in Arts & Culture

(c) | Frank Rößler
(c) | Frank Rößler

Why was a sleepy village in East Tirol’s mountains chosen as a setting for an international 350-million-blockbuster production? And which traces have been left behind by James Bond in the tiny 700-resident mountain village of Obertilliach?

Bond Girl Léa Seydoux tries to escape between quaint and historic timber houses, shouting at 007, who is dressed in a retro-style black outfit: „Get away from me! Just get away!“ And all that shortly after James’ black aircraft fell out of the sky and its unexpected landing saw it snap in half as the tail was flung to one side before it came to a halt, crashing through a weathered timbered barn in the silent winter wonderland of East Tirol. Bustling activity and a tension-filled semblance complete with bullets flying and explosions echoing, could be observed in the otherwise peaceful village of Obertilliach, shooting location for „SPECTRE’s“ spectacular action scenes. Under normal circumstances, the only shooting here comes from biathletes, as Obertilliach is a renowned Nordic Ski Center.

Where was the traditional sun-bleached mountain hut located, which became the focus of a spectacular explosion? The so-called „Bond House“, as it is now known by the locals, was specifically assembled on the slope above the Grade II listed historic village center of Obertilliach. Which is quite a good thing as it would have been a real pity if the world’s favourite spy had destroyed such a lovely, 300-year old house with his aircraft nosediving into it. When shooting in a place like Obertilliach, weird things can happen. That the Bernese Mountain Dog of Gasthof Unterwöger Inn creeped into the Spectre set to become an ‘assistant director’, for example. Set Jetting TV offers a behind-the-scenes from the days of shooting in, you guessed it, Obertilliach.

Set-Jetting TV: Action in an East-Tyrolean village from Set-Jetting TV.

One of the few visible signs on the film set of James Bond in East Tirol is a swath in the forest, which has been widened for shooting. A year before filming took place here, the high-voltage power line was put below ground. This swath, now freed of any obstacles, was a joy to the Bond producers and perfectly fitting for the planned action scenes. It is the very place where the plane crashed nose first into the snow. After filming was completed, the locals began to reforest the area. All that has been left behind by the SPECTRE film crew are lavish green meadows and a small film set, a tiny log cabin that was installed on location for shooting.

In this series, the team of Set Jetting TV accompanies Austria’s one and only night watchman, visits organic farmer Benjamin Schaller on Alfenalm Alpine Pasture Hut and learns about sustainable sheep farming and the centuries-old production of fine-quality, all-natural sheep wool products from Josef Schett at the Villgraten Nature House. When Her Majesty’s secret agent left the location, everything returned to normal and peaceful in East Tirol.

“Set Jetting” is a new series exploring Tirol’s top movie and TV destinations for travellers. “Set jetting” means travelling on inspiration from your favourite films or TV shows. For more details on the best “set jetting” destinations of Tirol please refer to

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