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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe
In the Kelosauna at the Alpenbad in Leutasch, the infusions are usually very hot. But good! 
, © Alpenbad Leutasch/Hintraeger
Updated 5 days ago in Feel Good from Esther
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It's cold outside! Goose-down puffers aside, few things warm the body like a hot, steamy sanctuary of a sauna bath. The best-loved hothouses that will spirit you away from the outdoor conditions.
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Just the two of us
Updated on 01.07.2021 in Feel Good from Gero Günther
9 min reading time
A couple staying alone in a mountain hut sounds like the perfect romantic getaway. But what happens when there’s no escape from each other’s company? Might the holiday then turn into couple counselling?
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7.53 A.M. On the mooooove! Cows cross the village of Forchach early in the morning.
Updated on 29.04.2021 in Feel Good from Vera Schroeder
4 min reading time
Tirol has lots of good reasons to rise and shine early in the morning. No matter when you set your alarm, you will always find someone else who is already up and about. Holidays may not seem like the right time to rise with the lark, but we recommend giving it a go. You will be surprised what you find.
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Wake up
It is really mean. The sun is shining, the days are growing longer and the open-air season has begun. Spring has sprung, but not everyone feels energetic. For some, it is a season of leaden limbs and fits of yawning. While the world is waking up, they want to go to sleep. Observing the total renewal of nature after a long and cold winter is unbelievably beautiful, but it can make you behave like a sleepy fly—and not after a night out drinking. Somehow, you feel sleepier than during wintertime and that terrible feeling of fatigue and weakness coming between you and the world can feel uncomfortable, frustrating, and debilitating.
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Thermalwasser Aqua Dome (C)Aqua Dome
Updated on 22.02.2021 in Feel Good from Ines
7 min reading time
Tirol is a land of spectacular mountain and canyon scenery. White water is pounding its way down the heart of the mountains, rushing as fast as it can go, having no mercy on anything it might take down the mountain with it. The streams and torrents tumble down from the mountains, rushing through forests to plunge over cliff edges in showers of spray, cascading down into crystal clear pools with a roar, into deeply incised canyons and gorges and – finally – making their way into rivers and lakes.
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Updated on 18.01.2021 in Feel Good from Wolfgang Westermeier
3 min reading time
In turbulent times such as these it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important in life – for example, looking after yourself. We have picked five spots in Tirol where you can get away from it all and embark on a journey to inner harmony. After all, your deserve it.
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©Rudi Wyhlidal
There’s much more to water than just drinking it. From finding sleep to waking up, from skin tightening to stimulating circulation – Sebastian Kneipp, father of modern hydrotherapy, has created over hundred useful techniques to combat a variety of diseases and blemishes: hydrotherapy can have refreshing, soothing, calming and harmonizing effects. Here we have rounded up Tirol’s best Kneipp water therapy facilities.
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Our skin is our largest sensory organ. Through skin we perceive and feel the world outside, and we show our beauty in the way our skin appears. So if you fancy getting to grips with some truly natural and organic beauty products, full of local folk remedies and knowledge handed down from generation to generation, look no further:
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Fasting For Health – Discover a New You
“Intemperance is the culprit, the mother of all crises”, said Innsbruck’s former Bishop Dr. Reinhold Stecher (†), a man I value greatly. Many of the problems in Western society stem from the excessive use of food and drugs. A period of abstention can be a time of empowerment and renewal for body, mind and soul.
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Updated on 10.02.2016 in Feel Good from Julia
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Nature whispers and boots creak in the midst of a thousand shades of snow. All that is heard amidst the winter silence is your breath and the rhythmic crunch of snow beneath your feet. And chirping birds, somewhere away from here. The sleepy, quiet sunlight is dancing with the trees. The crisp air is spiced up by ethereal scents of fir needles. Twinkling snow crystals are whirling out of the trees. Wintertime is full of wonder and snowy woods showcase nature’s calm beauty. And although there seems to be magic and poetry everywhere, there is no such thing as magic; it’s simply mindfulness and the awesome beauty of Tirol’s snowy wilderness.
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