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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe

„12 Tiroler“ – 12 Exercises for Mind and Body

Updated on 03.02.2021 in Sports

12 Tiroler
12 Tiroler

In his new book, Olympic ski jumping champion Toni Innauer has come up with some innovative ways to stay active inspired by the animals of Tirol. Check out these 12 exercises for mind and body.

These days, many people spend much of their day sitting down: at a desk, in front of a computer, in a car driving to and from work, etc. This increasingly sedentary lifestyle comes at the cost of our health, both physical and mental. As we lose the natural relationship with our body, we also become detached from life itself. As former Olympic champion Toni Innauer puts it in his new book, we are becoming „sitting giants with crooked backs“. The solution? Staying active with his „12 Tiroler“ exercises inspired by some of the most famous animals native to Tirol.

The „12 Tiroler“ exercises

Scroll down to see all 12 exercises, each with its own short description and video.

1 The Brown Trout – natural movements and an elegant fin kick

The Brown Trout activates the lower vertibrae, mobilises the upper vertibrae with a rotating motion and also strengthens the stomach and lateral core muscles as well as the hip flexors.

2 The Alpine Salamander – strong back muscles and powerful forward motion

The Alpine Salamander mobilises the upper vertibrae and strengthens the back muscles, trapeze muscle and buttock muscles. The challenging crossover movement also trains coordination.

3 The River Crab – powerful pincer movement and impressive coordination

The River Crab activates the inner and outer thigh muscles, the buttocks and the stomach and lateral core muscles. It also stregthens the shoulders and (advanced exercise) improves balance in the centre of the body.

4 The Cricket – powerful and explosive leg movements

The Cricket strengthens the thighs and buttocks while at the same time stabilising the core and shoulder area. It is also a good exercise to train coordination and balance.

5 The Badger – strong and flexible core

The Badger activates and strengthens the muscles in the core, shoulders and arms as well as the trapeze muscle in the upper back. It also helps strengthen the shoulder area.

6 The Grass Snake – twisting and stretching with ease

The Grass Snake mobilises the hips, releases tension in the lower back, stretches the buttocks and improves the overall rotation of the spine and shoulders.

7 The Bear – powerful gait and lumbering dance

The Bear strengthens the core, the front of the thighs, the shoulders and the arms. It is also a good exercise to train coordination.

8 The Swan – complex upward movements

The Swan strengthens the hips, stretches the muscles in the front of the thighs and shins, and trains coordination and balance thanks to its complex series of movements.

9 The Chamois – high-energy movement for the back muscles

The Chamois helps mobilise the vertebrae section by section. It also strengthens and coordinates the deep muscles along the spine as well as activating and stretching the lateral core muscles.

10 The Garden Spider – sweeping movements in perfect balance

The Garden Spider strengthens the muscles in the thighs and buttocks as well as improving balance, coordination and flexibility in the spine, hips and ankles. It also stretches the inside of the leg.

11 The Red Deer – impressive strength and movement

The Red Deer strengthens the muscles in the buttocks, back, thighs and calves. It also stretches the back of the legs, mobilises the spine and stabilises the shoulder area.

12 The Golden Eagle – powerful, unerring gaze from above

The Golden Eagle improves spatial awareness and coodination, trains balance and rhythm, and stimulates intuition and imagination.

Author: Sabrina Engl

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