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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe
Guest author

Rise & Shine: 5 Great Early Morning Activities in Tirol

Updated on 03.02.2021 in Sports

Text: Anke Heller

TEXT Anke Helle
TEXT Anke Helle

Sorry, night owls: When it comes to eye-opening activities, Tirol is really a morning person’s world. There are many beautiful places that have a magical quality early in the morning that you just can’t experience any other time of the day. Here are five recommended experiences for larks who are happy to wake up early and prefer to start their day when (or even before) the sun rises.

1. Dew Walking

Water doctor and herbalist priest Sebastian Kneipp was quoted as saying, “Nature is the best pharmacy.” His core concern was to increase general well-being and prevent disease—the healing power of water was discovered by Sebastian Kneipp back in the 19th century. It’s easy to see the health-promoting power of water for yourself: Head outside in the morning and walk barefoot in the grass for two to three minutes to promote circulation. The morning dew cools, tickles and wets the soles of your feet and is said to help relieve stress and prevents fallen arches and flat feet. If you prefer to try this treatment under expert guidance, you can do so at the Bartlerhof Organic Health Farm in East Tirol, for example. Newbies are recommended to start with dew walking in the summer. For those who are old Kneipp hands, snow walking is an alternative in the winter.

Learn More about Bartlerhof Farm

On Bartlerhof Organic Health Farm in East Tirol you can try ‘dew treading’ in the morning – a refreshingly cold and invigorating experience. Photo Credit: Tirol Werbung, © Tirol Werbung.On Bartlerhof Organic Health Farm in East Tirol you can try ‘dew treading’ in the morning – a refreshingly cold and invigorating experience. Photo Credit: Tirol Werbung ©

2. Angling at Dawn

Ever heard of the early bird that catches the worm? Well, it’s the same with fishing. The early fisher catches the fish. Especially in the summer it’s important to get on the water early. Morning anglers reap some of Tirol’s most placid rewards: quiet landscapes, glimpses of early-morning light shimmering off a lake’s or river’s crystalline qualities… In the cool morning air, a light fog hovers over the still waters. The Inn River, for example, is a fishermen’s paradise: Several different species of fish, including trout, pike, zander, eel, bream and Danube salmon swim in the freshwater river that flows throughout Tirol. Take in the peace and quiet of remote wilderness and the sounds of the rushing river when you try your hand at fly-fishing at designated areas. Get your Tirol day fishing license.

Learn More about Fishing in Tirol

Piburger See Lake is a serene setting for fishing. Photo Credit: Tirol Werbung/Mario Webhofer, © Tirol Werbung/Mario WebhoferPiburger See Lake is a serene setting for fishing. Photo Credit: Tirol Werbung/Mario Webhofer ©

3. Early Morning Bath in a Mountain Lake

Within Tirol are more than 600 lakes and reservoirs – and over 80 per cent of them are situated above timberline. As the weather heats up, an early morning swim in an Alpine lake is your cue to cool off (water temperatures reach their peak by June, which ranges between 14 to 20 °C). If you dare, take a dip in the water. Remote Salfeinssee Lake is a glorious spot to take a swim close to sunrise, when winds are most stable while enjoying breathtaking mountain views. And if you really want to be the first in the water, consider spending the night at Wildseeloderhaus Lodge where the only thing between you and picture-perfect Wildsee Lake is a door or two. Hint: Pack a towel and a thermos—this is definitely one of the coolest ways to wake up in the morning!

By the way: We have also put together a list of Tirol’s most beautiful Alpine lakes.

Wildseeloder Lodge on the shores of Wildsee Lake in Fieberbrunn, with the iconic peaks of Leoganger Steinberge in the back. Photo Credit: Tirol Werbung/Uhlig Bernd, © Tirol Werbung/Uhlig BerndWildseeloder Lodge on the shores of Wildsee Lake in Fieberbrunn, with the iconic peaks of Leoganger Steinberge in the back. Photo Credit: Tirol Werbung/Uhlig Bernd ©

4. Slice Into Fresh Bread at a Local Bakery

Fortunately, Tirol still is home to many local bakeries where bread-making is still considered an art form. Just follow the irresistible aroma of freshly-baked bread at Achensee Lake area, for example: Before heading out to the mountains, you can get fresh loaves of bread baked in-house at Adler Bakery. This family-operated bakery in Achenkirch opens as early as 05:30am. Since 1918, they have been using local grains and century-old techniques for some of the finest bread money can buy. Their artisan bread is allowed to rise slowly over night, shaped by hand and baked on natural stone.

Learn More about Bäckerei Adler

Tirolean Bread (c) Tirol Werbung/Hassos Elias, © Tirol Werbung / Hassos EliasTirolean Bread (c) Tirol Werbung/Hassos Elias ©

5. Early Bird Scenic Gondola Ride

The Wiedersbergerhornbahn Gondola transports you to a celebration of an amazing sunrise from high above the valley floor. Take in the magical scenery and the silence during the ride and listen to live wind ensemble music at the top. Visitors appreciate the ride itself but it’s the view from the top of Wiedersbergerhorn Peak they rave about. It’s a 45-minute climb to the summit, 2,127 meters above sea level for an exhilarating scene where mountains stand dark against a red-tinged sky whose giant rising orb seems to get bigger by the second. Way to peak at the sun. Early Bird gondola rides are in operation June 27 to September 05, 2019.

Learn More about Sunrise Walks

Sunrise atop Wiedersbergerhorn Peak. Photo Credit: Alpbachtal Seenland Tourismus, © Alpbachtal Seenland TourismusSunrise atop Wiedersbergerhorn Peak. Photo Credit: Alpbachtal Seenland Tourismus ©

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