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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe

Having a degree in geography, Kristina Erhard has travelled the world and visited Africa many times before deciding to finally plant her roots in Tirol. She provides passionate and tried-and-true expertise on everything she sees, feels and tastes.

Perched on the top of 3,048-metre Gaislachkogel Peak in Soelden, the distinctive cuboid-shaped ice Q Restaurant with its walls of sheer glass fits in with the surrounding mountainous landscape. Together with the neighbouring Gaislachkogelbahn gondola top station it ranks among Tirol’s undisputed highlights. Designed by Innsbruck-based Architect Johann Obermoser this is an architectural masterpiece that surpasses any other – it’s not surprising that the iconic ice Q plays the leading role in the Tirol sequences of Spectre, the 24th film in the James Bond series.
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 Tirol’s Ötztal Valley is home to an innovation that is future-proofing the snow-sports industry: The new state-of-the-art Giggijochbahn Gondola in Sölden.
Tirol’s Ötztal Valley is home to a ski resort innovation that is future-proofing the snow-sports industry: The new state-of-the-art Giggijochbahn Gondola in Sölden. Architect Johann Obermoser regards the building of gondolas as a link between the built and natural environment. Making the Alpine setting, with its beauty and built-in drama, accessible for people. Mission accomplished.
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“Wow,” I said to myself, “I wouldn’t have expected something like this in Stubai Valley.” Minimalist design, reclaimed timber and attention to detail... Schönherr Haus in Stubai Valley is not your average mountain retreat. Despite the stylish sports store on premises.
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Extreme natural environments can inspire great achievements. This applies, in particular, to architecture. Mountainous areas are known for their harsh climates and sparse landscapes. Because of these extreme conditions, structures built in these areas must have a higher standard of functionality and durability. Alpine regions seem to demand more of architecture and at the same time, they afford less gratuitous artistic expression. A remarkable example of contemporary architecture is located in Inner Ötztal Valley, at the top of Timmelsjoch Col and on the border to Italy’s South Tyrol. Invigorated by the elements, it underscores the practical and unique challenges of designing and building in rugged Alpine regions.
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Ort: Erl
Updated on 15.06.2016 in Arts & Culture from Kristina
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Building a most intriguing new structure in the middle of nowhere, in the small village of Erl near the Austrian-German border, is of course worthy of note. Following a two-year construction period, the new Erl Festival House opened its doors in December 2012. Jutting out resolutely from the wooded landscape, the interplay between the building’s interior and the surrounding nature resulted in a concentrated, spatial composition of a functionally optimized concert hall of international repute. The stunning architecture alone deserves recognition and applause.
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It’s the end of the beer world as we know it—the Tribaun, center and heart of the local craft beer revolution, is transforming the way Tiroleans enjoy this wonderful, inexpensive, storied beverage: beer. Located in 5, Museumsstraße Street in the heart of downtown, the Tribaun opened its doors to a craft beer-starved Innsbruck—and has done a great job bringing in new and different beers and exposing people in Tirol’s capital to great craft beer. The international staff at the Tribaun, all dedicated craft beer enthusiasts, are pioneers in developing a world that contributes to the pleasure of everyday life in Innsbruck, in more ways than beer. There is lots of room for thirsty and adventurous minds who are tired of the industrialized, uninteresting beers flooding the market, for new-born or born again beer drinkers, so to speak. The Tribaun is the place for those who seek the world of better beer. And that is a good world indeed.
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To start with, the best thing about this project is the passion behind it. “arlberg1800” is more than an art hall. It’s more than a concert hall. It’s a bold venture, driven by love and passion. It’s both, a noble attempt and a declaration of belief, opinion, motive, and intention. It’s Tirol with a cosmopolitan outlook.
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Updated on 15.12.2015 in Arts & Culture from Kristina
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A veritable Who’s Who of the world’s artists have been working on bringing the stars from the sky, to give a face to this sparkling universe. And who would have thought: the starting point for the journey to this far flung galaxy is not in one of the world’s metropolises such as New York or Tokyo, but in a small town in the Austrian Alps.
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