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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe
Maximilian Gerl

Maximilian Gerl lives in Munich, Germany. Each and every year he resolves to finally spend more time in the mountains. He attended the German School of Journalism and currently is working as a freelance journalist.

Five Wooden Buildings to catch the eye
Wood is such a versatile material and available in such abundance in places like Tirol that it is sometimes hard to fathom why not all building are made from it. After all, it is renewable, carbon-friendly and 100% sustainable. Wooden houses and buildings are naturally warm and often have a wonderful aroma, especially if they are made of pine. And, last but certainly not least, wood is so adaptable that many architects choose it for their most ambitious projects. Here are five of the coolest wooden buildings in Tirol.
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Updated on 27.02.2023 in Recommendations from Maximilian Gerl
2 min reading time
White and glistening, mountains can be both enchanting and foreboding in the winter months. Yet in both summer and winter there is no feeling quite like standing atop a peak and looking down at the world below. Here are five mountains you can climb in winter without having to be a super-fit professional mountaineer with an oxygen mask and ice pick. Don’t forget to snap a quick selfie at the top to prove to friends at home that you really made it all the way up.
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Tanja Westfall-Greiter
Updated on 28.07.2021 in People from Maximilian Gerl
3 min reading time
More farmers, better vegetables – is that true? Tanja Westfall-Greiter runs a market garden at Hattingerberg in Tirol. She is convinced that society should pay more tribute to the cultivation of land.
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Looking ahead: Innsbruck-based architects Christian Hammerl (left) and Elias Walch (right) know exactly what constitutes contemporary, beautiful architecture.
Updated on 14.07.2021 in People from Maximilian Gerl
4 min reading time
When it comes to Tirol’s contemporary architecture landscape, Innsbruck-based Christian Hammerl and Elias Walch are at the forefront, creating spaces and designs that age with grace, relying on a style that is rooted in tradition but with contemporary elements in all the right places.
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Updated on 11.03.2021 in Recommendations from Maximilian Gerl
7 min reading time
Protecting the planet and looking after the environment are hot topics at the moment, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start. We have put together a few useful tips on how you can do your bit to preserve the beautiful nature of Tirol for future generations.
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TEXT Maximilian Gerl | PHOTOS Lene Harbo Pedersen
Updated on 03.02.2021 in Family from Maximilian Gerl
7 min reading time
Take a walk around the Alpine Zoo at Innsbruck while scouting animals that roam large-acreage, natural habitats. With its distinctive hillside setting above town, the zoo is a must-see for animal and plant lovers. You can even discover endangered species that were protected by the Alpine Zoo’s conservation programs. Meet some of the mountain animals that are native to Tirol.
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Updated on 18.01.2021 in People from Maximilian Gerl
12 min reading time
What will the snow be like this year? This is the question on everyone’s lips in Tirol as winter approaches. Finding an answer is often complicated. We set out in search of clues –indoors and outdoors.
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Updated on 04.12.2017 in Sports from Maximilian Gerl
5 min reading time
Is the ski instructor uniform really a chick magnet and do they actually party all the time? Does the envious or negative imagery that the job title conjures-up have any grounding in reality? We conducted methodical fieldwork to debunk some of the most common myths.
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2 min reading time
Winter is dark, right? Wrong! The cold months of the year actually offer a wonderful contrast of sunshine and shade, light and dark. Here in the mountains nothing shines more brightly than the sun's rays dancing and reflecting on a fresh coat of snow. Join us on a journey through Tirol's light and landscape in winter.
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Outsider: Gabriel Castañeda creates cabaret about the countryside for the countryside – it’s rather an exception than the rule in this industry.
11.08.2021 in People from Maximilian Gerl
4 min reading time
“Getting a Tirolean eagle tattoo on your arm doesn’t show the love for your country,” says Gabriel Castañeda. The cabaret artist from Grins bei Landeck relies on “a mixture of Austrian easygoingness and Mexican passion”.
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