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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe
Pauline Krätzig

Pauline Krätzig likes nothing more than writing about people – their culture, their (hi)stories, their traditions. Tirol is home to plenty of each. And to some seriously good pine schnapps.

Hiking in the mountains, like here in the Brandenberg Alps, everyone is on first-name terms.
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Updated on 04.05.2021 in Bits & Pieces from Pauline Krätzig
7 min reading time
The roads are steep not straight? The air smells of snow or flowers? You are offered a shot of schnapps at 10 o'clock in the morning? Three sure signs you are in Tirol. Check out our list of 100 things that tell you you're in Tirol.
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Updated on 31.03.2021 in Bits & Pieces from Pauline Krätzig
7 min reading time
Is there really a life beyond video conferencing, Netflix binges and evenings in cooking the same old dish for the 112th time? We certainly hope so! Right now nobody quite knows if and when we will be able to enjoy all our favourite things again this summer, but there's certainly plenty of items pencilled in on our to-do list. Here are 100 top ideas for your next trip to Tirol.
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Updated on 17.02.2021 in Bits & Pieces from Pauline Krätzig
7 min reading time
From children's favourite to climate change victim, the snowman is a complex and fragile character. For centuries he has been a core part of every good winter in the Alps. But where does this ancient tradition come from – and what does the future hold? We set out to discover the story behind an endagered species.
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Game for Game?
Updated on 05.02.2021 in Bits & Pieces from Pauline Krätzig
10 min reading time
Tiroleans are renowned for being a little reserved when you first get to know them, so there is no better way to break the ice than with a game of "Perlaggen", "Doz’nhacken" or "Tschongelen". Here are nine traditional games from the region ideal for long nights in mountain huts.
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Updated on 17.09.2020 in Bits & Pieces from Pauline Krätzig
18 min reading time
Finding relaxation can come in many forms. Sometimes to get away, you *really* have to get away, be it remote monastery, rugged farm or luxury health resort.
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Sheep are social and sensitive animals. If one member of the flock dies, the rest mourn. Mööööh!
Updated on 08.09.2020 in Arts & Culture from Pauline Krätzig
15 min reading time
For over 600 years, humans and sheep have been going back and forth between the alpine pastures of North and South Tirol. 3,000-metre-high peaks, steep ridges, and human-made borders are not an obstacle for the tradition of Transhumance.
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TEXT Pauline Krätzig | PHOTOS Sebastian Schels
Updated on 17.06.2019 in Sports from Pauline Krätzig
6 min reading time
The stars twinkle in the sky. The moon’s reflection shimmers in the snow. A few lights are flashing down in the valley. And a heavenly kind of peace prevails over the peaks. You can discover the mountains anew in the early or late evening hours. Allow us to introduce you to the most beautiful places to go in the Tirolean darkness. And wish you: a very good night!
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Ort: Kals am Gr.G.
The physical and mental health benefits of walking in the mountains have long been known. Now, a recent study carried out by Dr Thomas Küpper from the Aachen University Clinic has given important insights into the effect of altitude on the human body. We sat down with Dr Küpper to talk red blood cells, euphoria and why men in their mid-40s love looking at alpine flowers.
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