"When I was 21 years old I was skiing one day and the cable car took us past the Angerer Alm hut. At that time my parents were in charge of running the hut. Back then I said to myself: ‘Next winter I’m going to do that.’ It was time for me to see what I could achieve on my own. My parents placed their trust in me and gave me the chance to run the hut.

In 1989 I started developing my first wine list and expanded the wine cellar step by step. It went down really well with the guests. These days it is normal for many huts to have a wine cellar. In fact, the wines are often in better condition up here than down in the valley. That is thanks to the temperature, humidity and air pressure up in the mountains. And, of course, the cellar has to be very good as well. Mountain huts such as this one also provide excellent conditions to let cheese mature.

Years ago, before ski touring became popular, I said to people that they should walk up here to the hut at night because it is so beautiful. That is the route I take when I go home. The snow crystals sparkle in the moonlight – it’s amazing to see. Then ski touring started to boom and now we have our own skidoo. That means I don’t have to go everywhere on foot anymore, but I still like to do it when I have the chance.”

Annemarie Foidl, Hut owner and sommelière

Annemarie Foidl runs the Angerer Alm hut on the Kitzbühel Horn mountain together with her daughter Katharina and her son-in-law, Gerald Weiss, who is head chef. The hut is located near St. Johann in Tirol. Since 2008 Annemarie has been president of the Sommelier Union Austria. With its wine cellar and outstanding food the Angerer Alm hut is a top tip for foodies in search of regional delicacies in a spectacular mountain setting.

Angerer Alm in the St. Johann ski resort, © Thomas Plattner
Room in the Angerer Alm hut, © Angerer Alm - Christine Baur
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