“I don’t care what bike I ride. For me it is always about overcoming challenges – be it out on the trails on my mountainbike or in the centre of the city on my trials bike. When I was younger I wasn’t really a mountain person. I only got to know the mountains here in Innsbruck.

My favourite spot in Innsbruck is the Landhausplatz square. It’s amazing that we have a place like this in the middle of the city where people are allowed to skate and ride BMX. Most of my sessions start at the Landhausplatz square to warm up and have a bit of fun.

I have been riding trials for 22 years and still love it just as much as on day one. Riding my bike is for me the perfect way to relax. One of my favourite things to do is simply go out for a ride on my own or with friends.

I am much clumsier on foot than on a bike. One of my worst nightmares is going for a walk. Everyone tells me that when I walk I don’t have any natural tension in my body and don’t look anything like a sportsman should.“


Tom Oehler – professional trialbike rider


Tom‘s tip for mountainbikers is the Arzler Alm Trail overlooking Innsbruck. This short but popular section of singletrack starts next to the Arzler Alm hut and leads along 3km of berms, banked corners, rollers and jumps. 

The Landhausplatz in Innsbruck is popular with skaters and BMX riders, © Tirol Werbung/Bert Heinzlmeier
Professional trialbike rider Tom Oehler, © Tirol Werbung/Bert Heinzlmeier
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