“I recently spent three months working as an au-pair in Los Angeles. It was a really cool experience and I am glad that I did it. In fact, I could have imagined staying a bit longer – but I wouldn’t want to live there permanently. I just like being at home too much. I don’t understand when people say they feel claustrophobic in the mountains. I am the opposite – I’m not made for the city.

Here in Galtür we enjoy doing things together. We have a brass band, a football club, a youth association and other traditional associations such as the “Schützen” which have been around for centuries. We also host the Cheese Olympics, which is officially organised by the local youth association – but, in fact, everyone from the village helps out.

The best bit for me is when the prizes are handed out and I can see that the people up on the stage are really happy to have won a medal. Two years ago one of the prize-winners even broke down in tears!”


Maria Mattle – chairperson of the Galtür Youth Association


Maria Mattle has been chairperson the Galtür Youth Association since 2014. Together with her association she organizes the Cheese Olympics every September. More than 100 cheesemakers from across the Alps present their finest homemade cheeses, which are rated by a panel of experts. Visitors are also invited to taste the cheeses and buy their favourite to take home with them.

Mountain cheese from the Paznauntal Valley, © Tirol Werbung/Lisa Hörterer
Maria Mattle, chairwoman of the Galtür Youth Association, © Tirol Werbung/Lisa Hörterer
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