“The Giggijochbahn cable car was by far the biggest project I have ever been involved in. We built the cable car station with the aim of making it as quick and easy as possible for passengers to get on and off. When they arrive at the entry platform there are ten cabins waiting for them. That means there are almost never queues and the pushing and shoving often associated with ski lifts is a thing of the past.

We started planning the Giggijochbahn in autumn 2014. It’s only when you stand in front of the finished cable car that you truly realise what you have achieved. It can transport 4,500 people per hour – more than any other cable car of its kind in the world.

I think people who weren’t involved in the project can’t really imagine what goes into making something like this come to life. We are often asked, ‘So what do you guys do in summer?’ In fact there is plenty of work for us all year round with all these machines to look after. That’s something a lot of people don’t see.”

Thomas Santer, Head of lift operation and construction in Sölden

Thomas Santer was 20 years old when, in May 2005, he joined the lift maintenance team in the ski resort of Sölden. Almost ten years later he is today head of lift operation and construction and played a major role in building the Giggijochbahn cable car, which at 4,500 passengers per hour holds the world record for the largest transport capacity of any ten-man cable car in the world.

Thomas Santer carrying out maintenance work on the Giggijochbahn cable car, © Tirol Werbung/Georg Sailer
Thomas Santer, © Tirol Werbung/Georg Sailer
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