A lot has been written about our valley. There was even an article in the New York Times. People think that we live in paradise, but for us it’s just what we’re used to. I couldn’t stand living in a block of flats. After visiting town it is wonderful to come back here and enjoy the peace and quiet.

My daughter has travelled the world. She has been to Asia and Africa. But she came back here to settle down. I have never regretted staying here. On a day like today everything looks beautiful, but it’s very different when there’s rain, thunder and lightning.

The best thing is that we are masters of our own destiny. Together with nature, of course. Guests love coming here to relax. Until just a few years ago there was no road into or out of the valley. That meant everything – even the bricks needed to build houses – had to be brought in by hand. Things are much easier today.”


Barbara Schaffer, Owner of the Hinterkaiserhof mountain farm


The Kaisertal Valley is considered one of the most beautiful places in Austria. For many decades it could only be accessed on foot via 280 wooden steps. In 2008 a tunnel was built for cars – though only residents living in the valley are allowed to use it. Barbara and Anton Schaffer run the Hinterkaiserhof, the oldest mountain farm in the valley. Hikers who stop off at the farm can look homemade dried bacon, cheese, butter and bread.

Barbara Schaffer from the Hinterkaiserhof, © Tirol Werbung/Bert Heinzlmeier
The Hinterkaiserhof in the Kaisertal Valley is also home to several sheep, © Tirol Werbung/Bert Heinzlmeier
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