“Most people ask me what makes the clothes I design recognisable. My answer is always that they are authentic. Even up in the mountains I have met people who have said to me, ‘Hey I saw someone 50 metres away wearing one of your ski suits.’ It’s true – the silhouette is instantly recognisable.

At the moment a lot of famous faces choose to wear our designs: the Queen of Holland, Victoria of Sweden and many well-known actresses. That’s great, but the best thing for me is when locals appreciate our work. If someone from Tirol chooses to buy a jacket or a pair of ski trousers from us then it is something really special for them. I have young people who come into our shop and tell me they have saved up €400 to buy one of our famous broadcloth jackets. That is great for me to hear.

Lots of people enjoy shopping but never actually have a real relationship with the things they buy. In some cases they don’t even wear them. But if someone comes to us and buys something because they really want to own an item of Frauenschuh clothing then that’s the greatest recognition I can get. Those are the people who really think about what they wear and take care of the things they buy. A jacket like ours can be handed down from one generation to the next.”


Kaspar Frauenschuh – fashion designer in Kitzbühel


In his early 20s Kaspar Frauenschuh took over the running of his parents‘ leatherwear factory and shop in Kitzbühel. Today he and his family are in charge of the fashion label Frauenschuh and create timeless classics from the finest natural materials. Frauenschuh clothing is available in the Frauenschuh Store in Kitzbühel as well as selected retailers.

Kaspar Frauenschuh in his atelier in Kitzbühel, © Tirol Werbung/Lisa Hörterer
Kaspar Frauenschuh in his atelier in Kitzbühel, © Tirol Werbung/Lisa Hörterer
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