“It was my parents who first had the idea of renting out rooms on our farm to guests. When I was young there were so many people around all the time that I swore to myself that when I was in charge I wouldn’t let anyone stay at the farm. My husband and I said we would do things differently when it was our turn to run the Leirerhäusl, so now we have a separate area that is private and for family only. Everyone needs a bit of privacy – and we still have plenty of contact with our guests. I like it that way.

For me, my work is never stressful. I used to work in a tax office where clients had to pay by the minute. Now, whenever I go back and visit my former colleagues, my boss says to me: ‘Christine, you’re so lucky!’ And I say: ‘Yes, I know.’

When the European Forum Alpbach takes place, our village is suddenly full of famous faces from the world of politics, science, the arts, etc. It’s amazing. You might leave the house and bump into Ban Ki-Moon or one of our Austrian politicians. There aren’t hoards of security men everywhere, but instead everyone just sits down, relaxes and chats in the local inns and guesthouses. You can see them everywhere. I think that’s what makes Alpbach so special.”


Christine Margreiter – guesthouse owner in Alpbach


Christine Margreiter can’t imagine any better place to live than Alpbach. She enjoys sharing her favourite spots in the region with guests staying at the Leirerhäusl, which she runs together with her mother-in-law Julie, her husband and her children.


Alpbach, © Tirol Werbung/Lisa Hörterer
Christine Margreiter, © Tirol Werbung/Lisa Hörterer
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