“I sometimes say, ‘There is a herb for everything except love and stupidity!’ I am only joking, but in some ways it is true. If you keep your eyes open and see what is growing around the house then there really is so much to be found. Sometimes I will tear out a plant 100 times and it grows back again each time before I finally realise that I could actually use it for me, my husband or my child. It’s growing where it is supposed to.

I spend time outdoors every day providing I have time and the weather is good. In the morning I go down to the stream and take the time to welcome the day. Next to the place where I like to stand there is a beautiful angelica plant.

My favourite plant is masterwort. It is very robust – a little bit like me! It grows in the mountains and is the sister plant of the angelica. Masterwort gives me energy and optimism. It also protects against dementia, circulation problems and stomach problems – three things which many people suffer from these days.”


Elisabeth Maaß – herb expert & farmer


Elisabeth Maaß started gathering herbs as a child with her mother. She is now 62 years old and in demand as an expert on herbs native to Tirol. Guests staying at her farm, the Kräuterbauernhof Sagenschneider’s in Ried im Oberinntal, enjoy guided herb hikes and walking through the dew-covered meadows barefoot in the morning.

Elisabeth Maaß uses produce from her organic herb garden to make oils, creams, teas, schnapps and pesto., © Tirol Werbung/Lisa Hörterer
Elisabeth Maß at the Kräuterbauernhof Sagenscheider's, © Tirol Werbung/Lisa Hörterer
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