Stockibach Creek & Source Viewing Platform

Antonius Trail above the village of St. Anton am Arlberg leads to Stockibach Waterfall. This short woodland walk offers stunning views of St. Anton and the mountain environs. The newly erected viewing platform at Stockibach Creek – Stockiquelle Source is very close to the rushing water. Noise — a relentless, violent roar… Tumbling down over cliffs, the water of Stockibach Creek seeks its way with the assistance of gravity and adds a delightful extra dimension to this woodland walk. From the source of the creek, Stockibach flows through Europe and through ten countries on its 2,700-kilomer long route, joins the Danube River and ultimately empties into the Black Sea.

© TVB St. Anton am Arlberg

The creek and its source are open and fully accessible to the public 24/7 – 365 days a year.

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