Road Bike Tours in Tirol

Tirol is a land of superlatives for road bike riders: Timmelsjoch takes the top prize for Austria’s highest mountain pass road. Rettenbach Glacier in Sölden is the highest point that can be reached by road bike and the Kitzbühel Horn Peak takes the trophy for Austria’s steepest climb. However, the Land in the Mountains has also hundreds of kilometres of paved, flat valley trails for the more casual pedaler.

Tirol's scenic roads and byways provide a beautiful way to see all that the country has to offer during a cycling holiday. Use the bike route planner to discover the stunning network of 3,800 kilometres of trails, varying from breathtaking mountain passes to winding valley rides. Tirol offers unparalleled conditions for road bike enthusiasts: Novice riders can look for easy cycling over flat to gently rolling terrain in our valleys. Advanced cyclists find challenging climbs and downhills along mountain and pass roads, where road biker’s efforts are amply rewarded with amazing views.

Tirol’s varied terrain and beautiful scenery provides endless opportunities for road touring and is the perfect destination for your cycling holiday. Use the bike route planner to explore the extensive network of quiet back roads and virtually inexhaustible supply of on-road bicycle routes. Below are five of Tirol's best-loved road-bike rides – an absolute must for ambitious road bike riders on a cycling holiday in the Tirolean Mountains.

Top 5 Road Bike Tours in Tirol

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