From Hut-to-Hut: Hikes for Adventurers

Trekking in the Alps is one of the simplest activities an adventurer can undertake, and yet it yields some of the greatest pleasures: crisp air, amazing views, and that satisfying sense of accomplishment you get only when you’ve pushed yourself and met a goal. One of the secrets to a great mountain trekking adventure is choosing your landscape: Tirol’s high country with jagged peaks and towering walls, sculpted by elements unfathomably more powerful than ourselves, glaciers and memorable overnights on mountain huts and lodges.

A truly great trail winds into the essence of a place, so when assembling this list of 9 outstanding hiking adventures in Tirol we kept an eye on more than the footpath. We looked for walks that travel deeper into a location’s history and culture. Sure, there’s outdoor adventure on each of these hikes, but the trails also tell a rich story. Experienced walkers, mountaineers and climbers can explore the World of Eternal Ice, tour a stalactite cave, scramble to the summits of six peaks in one 3-day trip or master over 100 kilometers in three days of hiking. Take off your shoes and tantalize your toes with an array of natural textures along the 1-kilometer long Barefoot Trail or reach higher grounds on the extreme Via Ferrata at Schleier Waterfall. Each of these adventures creates memories that will stay with you forever.

Favorite Multi-Day Trecks
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