Osttirol, © Ramon Haindl
Osttirol, © Ramon Haindl


Far from the madding crowd, new destinations hove into view. All you have to do is open your eyes and dare to see them. You are here, the slope is there. Waiting for you to take the first step.

The incredible power of water can still be witnessed today in the region's frozen waterfalls, a snapshot of eternal beauty captured in ice. A thousand needles, a thousand places to succumb. A thousand ideas distilled into a single thought: I will. I can. I must.

Ice climbing at the Ice Park East Tirol, © Ramon Haindl
Ice pick, © Ramon Haindl

Crystal clear. Ice cold. Extra dry. But the heart, oh the heart, it burns. You know what is to be done. Your muscles tense, ready to obey the order given by your head.

Yet your battle is not against the mountain but against yourself. And the victory, your victory, is not crowned with a whoop of joy but simply with a deep sense of satisfaction. A feeling of silent pleasure like no other.

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