After qualifying for the Freeride World Tour, Stefan Moser discloated his hip just a week before the event. His dream of becoming a professional freerider: over. The doctors told him that he would never be able to perform spectacular tricks like jumping off cliffs with his skis. But Stefan is not one to give up easily. Even as a child he could most often be found handing upside down on the monkey bars. The discpline he learnt in these early years has served him well in later life. "I'm pretty ambitious. If I can't do something first time then I keep trying until I can," Stefan says with a wry smile.

"He simply has no fear," explains his wife Natalie. In the background Stefan can be seen grinning away as he thinks of his next project, be it rock climbing, mountain biking or slacklining. There is almost no mountain sport which Stefan is not an expert in. After his accident he decided to focus on his sports science course at university while also earning some money on the side with slackline shows, ski videos and adverts. "I just did things which I enjoyed," he explains.

Today Stefan is a qualified medical training therapist and helps pro athletes get back to their best after an injury. "I can identify with my patients because I have been there myself," says Stefan. The 37 year-old is constantly searching for new challenges. His most recent one is daughter Eva. I hope she doesn't go into professional sport. "I just want her to enjoy being outdoors and have fun doing whatever she likes."

Stefan Moser, training therapist and sportsman

Stefan Moser comes from Kramsach, known for its many rivers and lakes. The village with a popuation of 4,700 is home to no fewer than five mountain lakes as well as the powerful Brandenberger Ache river and the mighty Inn river. On the northern shore of the Reintalersee lake there are two via ferrata fixed-rope climbing routes with spectacular views. Even further up the mountain there is one of Austria's highest rock climbing areas.

Stefan Moser from the Alpbachtal Valley, © Tirol Werbung/Bert Heinzlmeier
Stefan Moser from the Alpbachtal Valley, © Tirol Werbung/Bert Heinzlmeier
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