Two brothers, four years, three locations. In 2012 renowned chefs Christian and Markus Winkler had to close their gourmet temple "Schindlhaus" and move to the village of Kirchberg. Just three years later, in 2015, they were once again forced to move on after the lease on their restaurant was not renewed. The next stop on their journey was Kitzbühel, but here too didn't stay long. Then, finally, they found the perfect place: the Auwirt in Aurach.

"We are a traditional guesthouse with excellent food, so we enjoy combining a warm Tirolean welcome with high-end cooking," explains award-winning chef Christian Winkler while a waiter resplendant with tattoos serves us homemade elderflower punch. "We wanted to maintain our high standards but at the same time make it more accessible to people. The trend is towards a high-end bistro," says Markus, who is responsible for service and wine.

The juxtaposition of traditional and modern can also be seen in the design of the restaurant. At the front of the building is a traditional wood-panelled snug where hunters from the region still gather to chat, drink and celebrate their successes. At the back there is lots of exposed concrete and naked lighbulbs. A few well-to-do gentlemen are currently enjoying a business lunch. "You're never going to please everyone, but when the place is full to the rafters we know we must be doing something right." The Winkler brothers finally seem to have found a place to call home.

Christian and Markus Winkler, chefs

Since the year 2000 the Winkler brothers have made a name for themselves in the world of fine dining. Christian is the king of the kitchen, while Markus who also trained as a chef – is responsible for the service. At the Auwirt in Aurach, which reopned in 2017, they offer diners "traditional food for gourmets" at very reasonable prices. The Winklers also offer cooking courses, catering, a take-away service and cosy rooms.

Gasthof Auwirt in Aurach, © Tirol Werbung/Bert Heinzlmeier
The Winkler brothers from Aurach, © Tirol Werbung/Bert Heinzlmeier
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