“When I was a student I had a kitesurfing accident. After that the only sport I could do for a while was cycling, so I swapped my board for my bike – and ended up never going back. Surfing is a sport where you spent hours sitting around waiting until the wind is coming from a certain direction or the waves are just right. Cycling is different – your can just open your front door and head out into the mountains.

I knew about the Blindsee lake from a ride I did with my wife over the Marienbergjoch ridge and the Fernpass mountain pass. Back then I said to her, ‘Next time I’m going to ride the Blindsee Trail.’ It is an exposed mountain trail which takes you to a hidden lake in the middle of the forest. I was fascinated by the idea and couldn’t stop thinking about riding that trail.

Some people enjoy learning to play new songs on the guitar – in my case I like learning new things on my bike. It’s a great way to discover new places and share outdoor experiences with other people. I guess that is something that mountainbiking and surfing have in common. That’s why I sometimes call what I do ‘trailsurfing’.”


Michael Gams – amateur mountainbiker


The Blindsee Trail is a challenging 7km mountainbike route from the Grubigalm hut down to the Blindsee lake. The start of the trail can be accessed via a gravel road or using the Grubigsteinbahnen cable car. Michael’s tip is to take your swimming things with you. Access to the lake is free for cyclists and hikers.

The Blindsee lake, © Tirol Werbung/Bert Heinzlmeier
Michael Gams, © Tirol Werbung/Bert Heinzlmeier
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