FO.KU.S Foto Kunst Stadtforum – Photo Art City Forum, © BTV FO.KU.S
FO.KU.S Foto Kunst Stadtforum – Photo Art City Forum, © BTV FO.KU.S

Tirol's Galleries - Broaden Your Artistic Horizons

A foray into the Tirolean gallery scene demonstrates the immense collection of major contemporary art and exciting exhibition concepts that can be found in this country. Architecturally fascinating galleries invite you to engage with the contemporary art and artists of our times – an overview of Tirolean galleries.

1 · Gallery at Taxispalais

Owned and managed by the State of Tirol, this gallery is located in one of Innsbrucks’s earliest baroque palaces that has been converted into an art gallery. Home to works by Austrian and international contemporary artists, the gallery is also equipped with a publicly accessible library and a wide selection of art catalogues, art and cultural magazines.

TAXISPALAIS Kunsthalle Tirol · Maria-Theresien-Straße 45 · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.512.5083171 · ·

2 · Gallery Schmidt

© Galerie Schmidt

The prestigious “Galerie Schmidt” is tucked away in Reith in Alpbachtal. Its remoteness, however, does not stop art lovers coming to visit from all over Austria and abroad. The programme focuses on contemporary artists such as Hermann Nitsch or Arnulf Rainer. Nevertheless, the gallery constantly manages to discover new and interesting talent.

Galerie Schmidt · Neudorf 40 · 6235 Reith im Alpbachtal · +43.5337.63666 · ·

3 · Gallery Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman

The “Thoman” husband and wife team founded their eponymous gallery in 1977 and have focussed on contemporary art – painting and sculptures in particular – ever since. They exhibit works by Austrian artists predominantly, to whom they offer also offer long-term support.

Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman · Maria-Theresien-Straße 34 · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.512.575785 · ·

4 · Gallery Rhomberg

Innsbruck’s gallery of modern and contemporary art exhibits works by national and international artists. Visitors can look forward to pieces by Andy Warhol, Victor Vasarely, Le Corbusier, Hermann Nitsch, Clemens Kaletsch, Christine Pöschl, Christian Stock, Herbert Brandl and Peter Kogler.

Galerie Rhomberg · Templstraße 2-4 · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.512.5880800 · ·

5 Galerie Bernd Kugler

© Galerie Bernd Kugler

The Galerie Bernd Kugler in Innsbruck showcases recent works of contemporary art and often hosts exhibitions by internationally renowned artists. As well as its regular exhibitions, the gallery also publishes exhibition guides and offers consulting services to museums, collectors and art dealers.

Galerie Bernd Kugler · Burggraben 6 · 6020 Innsbruck · + 43.512.561748 · ·

6 · Kunstraum Innsbruck

© Kunstraum Innsbruck

Kunstraum Innsbruck is an association to promote the exhibition of contemporary art and international modern art, accompanied by a varied programme of events.

Kunstraum Innsbruck · Maria-Theresien-Straße 34 (Arkadenhof) · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.512.584000 · ·

7 · Km0 (KilometroZero)

KilometroZero – Km0 in short – is a branch of the „Montrasio Arte“ Milan Gallery and has enhanced the range of contemporary art available in Innsbruck since May 2014. The gallery with its subtle grey rooms extends over three floors at Bozner Platz. In addition to exhibitions, Km0 is also home to auctions of international modern and contemporary art.

KilometroZero · Bozner Platz 2 · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.512.580300 · ·

8 · Kunstpavillon & Neue Galerie – Art Pavilion & New Gallery

The Association of Tirolean Artists is an art forum in Tirol with a focus on the development of exhibitions, whilst working in close collaboration with resident artists. Exhibitions at the Kunstpavillon (Art Pavilion) in the Hofgarten (Court Garden) and the Neuen Galerie (New Gallery) at Hofburg create a connection between artists and their audiences.

Kunstpavillon · Rennweg 8a · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.512.58133 · ·

Neue Galerie · Rennweg 1 (Großes Tor, Hofburg) · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.512.578154 · ·

9 · FO.KU.S Foto Kunst Stadtforum – Photo Art City Forum

FO.KU.S Foto Kunst Stadtforum – Photo Art City Forum, © BTV FO.KU.S

International contemporary photography is presented over 300 square metres of exhibition space at the City Forum of the Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg AG. FO.KU.S also offers a platform for applied photography based on 20th Century Classical Moderism.

FO.KU.S Foto Kunst Stadtforum · Stadtforum 1 (Erlerstraße) · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.505.333-1417 · ·

10 · designart.showroom by styleconception

Since establishing „styleconception“, Charly Walter has focussed on the promotion of everyday culture. He exhibits unique objects and small series of artworks by selected local artists at his showroom for contemporary design and art in the Mentlgasse in Innsbruck.

Styleconception · Mentlgasse 12b · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.664.5342343 · ·

11 · Plattform 6020

© Galerie im Andechshof

In conceptual terms, this gallery originally located in the centre of Innsbruck is dedicated to promoting young talent and is a springboard for their artistic careers. In 2018 the gallery was renamed from "Gallerie im Andechshof" to "Plattform 6020" and moved to the new city library near the railway station.

Plattform 6020 - Fördergalerie der Stadt Innsbruck · Amraser Straße 2 · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.512.53601651 · ·

12 · Galerie der Stadt Schwaz – Schwaz City Gallery

© Galerie der Stadt Schwaz

Galerie der Stadt Schwaz is an exhibition forum for contemporary art. The gallery is located in the beautiful and historic Enzenberg Palace. The fusion of medieval building and contemporary art makes this gallery an indispensable carrier of cultural heritage in the Tirolean lowlands.

Galerie der Stadt Schwaz (Palais Enzenberg) · Franz-Josef-Straße 27 · 6130 Schwaz · +43.5242.739 83 · ·

13 · Galerie Kunsthalle Hosp

Hosp Art Gallery in Tirol – a converted factory building – exhibits contemporary artworks by mainly Austrian artists over an exhibition area of 550 square metres.

Kunsthalle Hosp · Gewerbepark · 6465 Nassereith · +43.5265.5756 · ·

14 · Galerie Johann Widauer

Galerie Johann Widauer, © Galerie Johann Widauer

Nestled behind a flashy red 1970ies shop front, the gallery of Johann Widauer is a unique space designed to support and advance creative endeavours with four to five exhibitions a year. The collection at the Johann Widauer Gallery boasts more than 3,000 exhibits, including works by Martin Kippenberger and Thomas Bayrle.

Galerie Johann Widauer · Erlerstraße 13 · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.512.583848 · · 

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