Hiking with kids in Tirol

The idea of a long walk in the forest may not have the same appeal for your kids as it does for you. However, even little ones love to hike if the destination is an adventure playground in the woods, a game reserve or an attractive recreational park. Hiking interpretive trails and walks, which are especially suitable for children, creates memories that will stay with you and your little ones forever.

How can you make family hiking fun for your children and avoid the "how much farther" syndrome? When hiking with kids, it is the journey that is the reward. Flowers by the wayside, spotting animal tracks or balancing on a fallen tree - nature is your playground while doing family friendly hikes! First of all: Don't hurry! Set your goals based on the youngest child's ability. Building anticipation and excitement around what lies ahead (a mountain hut with a playground, an amusement park or a picnic next to a camp fire) is often sufficient motivation and will have them looking forward to your next hiking excursion.

Hiking with Children: A Great Way to introduce Young Ones to the Wonders of Nature
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