Aqua Dome in winter, © TVB Ötztal
Aqua Dome in winter, © TVB Ötztal

Thermal Baths & Hot Springs

Hot spring water bubbling up from deep in the mountains is not only a good way to revitalise body and mind but is even said to have healing properties. Scroll down to check out some of the best thermal baths and hot springs in Tirol, including fabulous views of the surrounding mountains. Heaven!

Covering almost 50,000 square metres, the Aqua Dome thermal spa in Längenfeld in the Ötztal Valley is one of the few hot springs to be found in the Eastern Alps. It is fed by natural underground sources producing 40°C water that is rich in sodium chloride sulphate, which is excellent for treating rhumatoid arthritis. This hotel and spa complex is famous for its eye-catching futuristic architecture, including three outdoor pools which appear to be floating in mid-air. Similar hot springs can also be found in Reutte and in Fügen in the Zillertal Valley. All offer not only bubbling indoor and outdoor pools but also large sauna areas.

Visitors keen to experience what a day at the spa would have been like 300 years ago should visit the Aigner Badl in East Tirol. These small thermal baths have been in use since 1772 and were originally designed as a place for locals to relax and wash after a hard day working the land. The building is now protected by law. The water is rich in calcium sulphate and flows at a constant 38°C into traditional wooden tubs where guests are invited to relax.

Last but certainly not least, the Grinner Heilquellen near Landeck invite visitors to explore the local landscape and at the same time experience the benefits of warm and cold water on the skin, a technique known as "Kneipp therapy" named after the 19th century German priest Sebastian Kneipp.

Thermal Springs in Tirol

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