Kitzbüheler Alpen Mountains, © Tirol Werbung/Frank Bauer
© Kitzbüheler Alpen Mountains, © Tirol Werbung/Frank Bauer
12 Winter Experiences in Tirol: Winter Holidays in the Alps

Which winter activities should visitors to Tirol try? Alpine skiing? Cross-country skiing? Winter hiking? With so much to see and do both on and off the slopes, it is better to ask: which activity should I try first?

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Attractions in Tirol

Surrounded by majestic mountains, Tirol’s scenery is inspiring and revitalizing. From the mild to the wild you'll find your adventure threshold here at the Land in the Mountains. The expansive natural environment offers superb air, water and land based activities.

While Tirol has its share of stunning natural attractions, it is also rich in culture, so there are a lot of cool places and attractions to visit—find the ones that suit your interests and you and the kids will be playing all day: from exploring the thriving arts and culture scene and visiting museums and galleries, castles and palaces, over high ropes courses, zoos, theme parks to swimming fun.

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Attractions for Adventurers
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