Langostino mango curry by Benjamin Parth, © ProMedia/Jochum
Langostino mango curry by Benjamin Parth, © ProMedia/Jochum

Tirol’s Best Fine Dining Restaurants: Culinary Excellence

Each autumn the renowned Austrian restaurant guide Gault & Millau crowns the best fine dining restaurants in Tirol. In the 2023 edition there are a total of 115 locations listed, making Tirol the second-best represented place in Austria after Vienna.

Benjamin Parth has finally made it into the elite circle of chefs awarded five Toques by Gault & Millau, making him the youngest chef in Tirol to ever achieve this milestone. His restaurant, the Stüva in Ischgl, has been given an outstanding 19 Points in the 2023 edition of the guide.

Proof of Tirol's dynamic food scene is the fact that it is the region with the most restaurants to achieve more Gault & Millau Points than last year. Ten eateries in Tirol are considered to have improved, with three (Das Köhle in Serfaus, the Berghof Crystal in Hintertux and the Alpin Resort Sacher in Seefeld) even being given not just one but two more Points by the Gault & Millau testers than in 2022.

Tirol is also the number one region in Austria when it comes to restaurants with four Gault & Millau Toques. There are 13 holders of four Toques for 2023, including the Gründler Gourmetstüberl, run by father-and-son duo Armin and Alexander Gründler, as well as Sigwarts Tiroler Weinstuben run by Traudl Sigwart – Tirol's only female head chef at a restaurant with four Toques.

5 Toques

Benjamin Parth has been awarded an outstanding 19 Points and 5 Toques by the Gault & Millau restaurant guide, elevating his Restaurant Stüva in Ischgl into the Champions League of international cuisine. At 34 years of age, Parth is the youngest chef in Austria to ever achieve this milestone.

Stüva in Ischgl (5 Toques, 19 Points)

Langostino mango curry by Benjamin Parth, © ProMedia/Jochum
Restaurant YSCLA Stüva in Ischgl, © YSCLA Stüva/Gerhard Berger

The Gault & Millau restaurant guide is full of praise for Benjamin Parth in its latest edition, calling him an "exceptional talent". Driven by his passion for perfect produce and bold creations, Parth was named Austria's Chef of the Year in 2019 and has made the Stüva in the Gourmet Boutique Hotel YSCLA in Ischgl one of the top dining locations not only in Tirol but in the whole of Austria. This year he has finally received a fifth Toque in recognition of the truly outstanding food on offer at his restaurant.

Gourmet Boutique Hotel YSCLA · Dorfstraße 73 · 6561 Ischgl · +43.5444.5275 · ·

4 Toques

The best of the best in 2023 include locations run by familiar names such as Martin Sieberer and Boris Meyer. They are joined this year by the Schwarzer Adler in Hall in Tirol, where Johannes Nuding has returned to his home town and immediately received a top rating.

Paznaunerstube in Ischgl (4 Toques, 18 Points)

Paznaunerstube at Trofana Royal Hotel in Ischgl, © Trofana Royal

The Paznauerstube is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. Over the last two decades this luxurious gourmet resraurant run by head chef Martin Sieberer has won numerous awards. Today it is considered one of the finest dining locations in Tirol. The latest edition of the Gault&Millau restaurant guide has once again awarded Martin Sieberer and his team four toques in recognition of the outstanding regional produce and seafood served to discerning diners in the traditional but elegant surroundings of the Paznaunerstube. Highlights also include seasonal dishes such as the lamb delicacy "Paznauner Schafl", which are served on request.

Gourmet & Relaxhotel Trofana Royal · Dorfstraße 95 · 6561 Ischgl · +43.5444.600 · ·

Interalpen Chef’s Table in Telfs-Buchen/Seefeld (4 Toques, 17.5 Points)

Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, © Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol

"Good things come to those who wait." That is very much the motto for those who plan on dining at the Hotel Interalpen. Getting a booking here isn't easy, but it really is well worth it. Head chef Mario Döring and his team supported by sommelier Theresa Lichtmannegger treat their guests to the definition of fine dining.

"Interalpen Chef’s Table", Hotel Interalpen  Dr.-Hans-Liebherr-Alpenstraße 1 6410 Telfs-Buchen/Seefeld +43.50.80930

Restaurant Oniriq, Innsbruck (4 Toques, 17.5 Points)

One of Christoph Bickel's vegetarian variations: iced spring herbs with advocaat and French sorrel.
, ©  Tirol Werbung /Sebastian Gabriel
Christoph Bickel and Nikolai Prachensky, chef and sommelier at Oniriq.
, ©  Tirol Werbung /Sebastian Gabriel
Oniriq in Innsbruck is a haven for fans of vegetarian food.
, © Tirol Werbung /Sebastian Gabriel

Oni…what? Oniriq(ue)! This fine restaurant in the heart of Innsbruck takes its name from the French word for dream. After 20 years of cooking in top locations, including a three-star restaurant in Chicago, head chef Christoph Bickel returned to his home region of Tirol to fulfil his dream of opening his own restaurant. Oniriq is known for its five-course and seven-course meals available with a vegetarian, meat or fish option. Classic dishes are presented in a new and unusual context, often using little-known wild herbs.

Restaurant Oniriq • Bürgerstraße13 • 6020 Innsbruck • +43.650.4510624 • •

Stiar in Ischgl (4 Toques, 17.5 Points)

Stiar restaurant in Ischgl, © Restaurant Stiar

The youngest of the gourmet restaurants in Ischgl symbolises the mentality of the Paznauntal Valley when it comes to fine dining. With elan, ambition and plenty of hard work, the Zangerl family created its own culinary ecosystem by setting up first their own abbatoir, butcher's shop and smokehouse before creating a little later the Stiar restaurant run by head chef Gunther Döberl in the Sport- und Genusshotel Silvretta.

Stiar at the Sport- und Genusshotel Silvretta · Dorfstraße 74 · 6561 Ischgl · +43.5444.5223 · ·

Tannenhof in St. Anton (4 Toques, 17.5 Points)

Tannenhof in St. Anton am Arlberg, © Hotel Tannenhof

Head chef at the Tannenhof in St. Anton am Arlberg, Gustav Jantscher, hit the ground running when he took over this fine dining restaurant a year ago and was immediately awarded three toques by Gault & Millau. He has been able to consolidate this success in 2023 by again impressing the restaurant critics, who praised his poppy-seed ice cream as a "revelation".

Hotel Tannenhof · Nassereinerstraße 98 · 6580 St. Anton am Arlberg ·
+43.5446.30311 · ·

Restaurant Berggericht (4 Toques, 17 Points)

Berggericht in Kitzbühel, © Berggericht Kitzbühel
Berggericht in Kitzbühel, © Berggericht Kitzbühel
Berggericht in Kitzbühel, © Berggericht Kitzbühel

This restaurant located in the heart of Kitzbühel offers foodies a memorable dining experience. "Alpine Fine Dining" is the motto adopted by head chef Marco Gatterer, who combines traditional Tirolean ingredients with French  influences. The restaurant has a comprehensive wine collection and its own expert sommelier, a fact praised by the reviewers from Gault & Millau.

Restaurant Berggericht · Hinterstadt 15 · 6370 Kitzbühel · +43.670.604.5450 · ·

Gannerhof in Innervillgraten (4 Toques, 17 Points)

Gannerhof, © Gannerhof
Gannerhof, © Gannerhof

The proud owner of 4 Toques in the Gault & Millau guide, Josef Mühlmann – owner and head chef at the Gannerhof – can now officially call himself the best chef in East Tirol. His popular restaurant is made up of three traditional farmhouses which have been preserved in almost original condition in the heart of the quiet Villgratental Valley. Culinary highlights include arctic char from the valley's rivers, pork from pigs fed on apples, mountain chamois and dairy products from the region. The well-stocked cellar has 350 wines from across Austria.

Gannerhof • Gasse 93 • 9932 Innervillgraten • +43.4843.5240 • •

Gründlers Gourmetstüberl in Achenkirch (4 Toques, 17 Points)

Gründlers Gorumetstüberl
Gründlers Gorumetstüberl
Gründlers Gorumetstüberl

From heavy and hearty to light and luxurious, the food cooked by Armin and Alexander Gründler at Gründlers Gourmetstüberl in the Kulinarikhotel Alpin in Achenkirch covers all bases. The restaurant offers a selection of menus for diners comprising four, six or eight courses, all prepared using high-quality ingredients sourced from local producers. Alexander Gründler is a trained cheese sommelier and offers a range of Austrian and international cheeses.

Gründler's Genießerhotel · Seestraße 35 · 6215 Achenkirch · +43.524.686.00 · ·

Hubertusstube in Neustift im Stubai (4 Toques, 17 Points)

Hubertusstube, © SPA Hotel Jagdhof
Hubertusstube, © SPA Hotel Jagdhof

"The Taste of Tirol" is what head chef Boris Meyer promises his diners at the Hubertusstube in the Hotel Jagdhof. The game on the menu is hunted in the surrounding forests, the river trout are fished in the rushing Ruetz just a short walk from the hotel, the lamb comes from the restaurant's own farm, and the vegetables, eggs and dairy products are sourced from farmers in the region. Last but certainly not least, the wonderful mushrooms are foraged from the thick pine forests in the Stubai Valley. Meyer's cooking philosophy is to let the ingredients speak for themselves. As well as local specialties, highlights also include more exotic creations such as scallops and lobster. The reviewers from the Gault & Millau team also praised the friendly, flexible wine service.

SPA-Hotel Jagdhof  · Scheibe 44 · 6167 Neustift · +43.5226.2666 · ·

Schlossherrnstube in Ischgl (4 Toques, 17 Points )

Schlossherren room at the Hotel Romantica in Ischgl, © Schlosshotel Romantica

After a one-year hiatus, new head chef Patrick Raaß finally has the chance to showcase his culinary skills. At first sight most things may seem the same as before, but take a closer look and you will see the menu is slightly smaller and more international. This decision was taken to provide an alternative to the traditional Austrian cuisine on offer next door at the Weinstube. So what is verdict of the Gault&Millau testers? "Wonderful".

Schlosshotel Ischgl · Dorfstraße 85 · 6561 Ischgl · +43.5444.5633 · ·

Tannheimer Stube in Tannheim (4 Toques, 17 Points)

Tannheimer Stube in the Landhotel Hohenfels, © Hohenfels - das Landhotel

The Tannheimer Stube gourmet restaurant in the Genießerhotel Hohenfels in Tannheim is one of the most exciting up-and-coming eateries in Tirol. In this year's Gault & Millau guide it has received four Toques in recognition of the outstanding cuisine produced by head chef Markus Pichler, who takes pride in bringing a modern twist to Austrian cuisine and combining local classics with international elements.

Hohenfels - das Genießerhotel Kreuzgasse 8 6675 Tannheim +43.5675.6286,

Restaurant Schwarzer Adler in Hall in Tirol (4 Toques, 17 Points)

Johannes Nuding with his wife Lilit , © Gault & Millau

Top chef Johannes Nuding has returned from a stint in London to his home of Tirol to set up this restaurant in the pretty town of Hall in Tirol. The location of the Schwarzer Adler, in the heart of the medieval oldtown, provides a fine backdrop to the culinary experience that awaits inside. 'The fresher the better' is the philosophy, so be prepared for a few last-minute changes to the menu.

Restaurant Schwarzer Adler · Eugenstrasse 3 · 6060 Hall in Tirol · +43.5223.25122 · ·

Sigwart`s Tiroler Weinstuben in Brixlegg (4 Toques, 17 Points)

Sigwart's Tiroler Weinstuben
Traudi, © Sigwart's Tiroler Weinstuben

The former Gasthaus zur schwarzen Katze has been transformed to Sigwart's Tiroler Weinstuben by Traudi Sigwart, who uses local produce to cook her traditional cuisine with a French twist. Dogs and children are welcome.

Sigwart's Tiroler Weinstuben · Marktstraße 40 · 6230 Brixlegg · +43.5337.63390 · ·

3 Toques

From established eateries such as the Heimatbühne in Ischgl to newcomers like the Das Köhle in Serfaus and the Das Kammerli in Nauders, the 2023 edition of Gault & Millau lists 16 restaurants awarded three Toques.

2 Toques

All in all, 38 restaurants in Tirol have been awarded two Toques for 2023 by Gault & Millau. They include newcomers such as the Bruderherzstube in Fiss and the Gasthaus zur Arche in Rinn, as well as perennial favourites like the Blaue Quelle in Erl and the Restaurant Zomm in Seefeld. 

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