© Tirol Werbung/Lisa Hörterer
© Tirol Werbung/Lisa Hörterer

Glass Art in Tirol

Beautiful and fragile - glass used to be a luxury item in the past. For already more than 500 years Tirol has been famous for its splendid glassware factories.

Fine Tirolean glassware has been manufactured in Rattenberg and Kramsach for many centuries. Besides inexpensive drinking glasses – including small “Stamperln” for schnapps or bigger “Humpen” beer mugs – also other creative glassware was produced. As Tirolean glass art became very popular over the decades, the range of products was extended by designing the colored and ribbed “Navel Bottles”, a bulbous bottle flattened in its center, or the tiny “Schnapps Dogs” for drinking high-proof alcohol out of the bottle.

Crystal Clear

Riedel glasses have achieved worldwide fame thanks to their premium quality. At the Tirolean Riedel Glass factory, headquartered in Kufstein, visitors have the unique chance to watch glass blowing artists in a live workshop. Additionally, the adjacent “Sinnfonie” Museum for all Senses gives an insight into the philosophy of the Riedel Company. Also at Kisslinger Crystal Glass in Rattenberg every single product is a unique item, handmade with care and love to the detail. Glass blowers are presenting their fine artistic skills in the glass factory's showroom where everyone can marvel at the century-old glass blowing techniques.

Tirolean glassware

Glass Painting

However, glass blowing is just the first step as many of the artistic glass items are colored and decorated with nice ornaments. Hand painted glassware ranks among the most precious records of Tirolean arts and crafts. Countless modern factories and production sites prove that Tirol's stylish glass art doesn't only concentrate on deeply rooted traditions but focuses also on new designs and new treats for all senses.

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