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  • Exploring Tirolean Summer in the Mountains

    • Seebensee Lake

      Looking for a place to take some quiet time listening to nature? Look no further: Pristine Seebensee Lake, a high-mountain lake amid Mieming Range is peacefully situated at 1,675 meters and is noted for being one of Tirol’s foremost outdoor destinations. The water sparkles in shades of turquoise and lush montane meadows and forests blanket the surrounding hillsides.


    • Coburger Hut

      This place will give you the ultimate in uninterrupted panoramic views: Coburger Hut has a picture-postcard setting above Seebensee Lake, at 1,917 meters. The lodge is wrapped along the glorious mountain scenery, surrounded by rugged peaks named Sonnenspitze, Drachenkopf and Grünstein.


    • Drachensee Lake

      There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot day spent in the high-altitude sun than crystal-clear Drachensee Lake! The shimmering mountain lake is situated next to Coburger Hut, at 1,910 meters and is measured at 28 meters at its deepest point. The cold waters of the region’s highest-lying lake are perfect to cool off on a hot summer day!


    • More Summer in the Mountain Adventures in Tirol

      Hungry for a taste of Tirol’s scenic beauty off the beaten track? Keen on spending memorable quality time with your family? The sky is the limit and your Summer in the Mountain Adventure in Tirol starts here!