The Eagle Walk

The Eagle represents the traits of freedom and independence, power and wisdom, and soars with grandeur and dignity over Tirol’s glorious mountain scenery. The same grandeur and dignity is what you will experience by hiking the Eagle Walk, arguably the most beautiful long-distance hiking trail in Austria. Well-maintained, carefully waymarked and cross-referenced to detailed maps, this diverse trail is truly a natural wonderland. All in all, the Eagle Walk includes 128 day hikes with a total distance of 1,480 kilometers and a total vertical rise of some 87,000 meters. No matter whether you’re a novice hiker or veteran ridge runner, the Eagle Walk offers unparalleled opportunities to explore, experience and connect with nature. Graced by an unsurpassed panorama of countless mountains and many 3,000-meter peaks, the Eagle Walk winds its way through Tirol’s most gorgeous regions.

Planning a Trip on The Eagle Walk

The Eagle Walk is Tirol’s premier long distance trail and travels through the spectacular Alps amongst peaks with lakes, creeks and glaciers. Stunning scenery is the rule.

Unique Trail Marking

Signposting & Trail Marking

The unique directional signposting and trail marking system along the entire Eagle Walk creates an easily recognizable entity and helps hikers to easily distinguish the trail route.

Get an Eagle's Eye View

Special sightseeing telescope viewers are installed in scenic overlooks of the Eagle Walk, allowing uninterrupted panoramic views of Tirol’s stunning mountain scenery.