Welcome to Eco.Tirol.

Is it really possible to combine great holidays with environmental protection? We think it is. In fact, we are sure of it. That is why we have created Eco.Tirol., a special feature full of stories and ideas about the many ways to make a stay in our region as climate-neutral as possible.

We don’t want to pretend we are perfect, but we do want to share with you some great ideas on how you can do your bit to reduce waste and cut emissions next time you stay with us. It really isn’t that hard. Indeed, it is made easier by the fact that Tirol is already home to loads of great eco-friendly ideas and projects. Come with us on a journey of discovery and find out why looking after the planet doesn’t have to mean going without.  

Eco.Tirol. invites pioneers, experts and role models to tell their stories. They come from the world of business, tourism, hospitality – but also include guests visiting our beautiful region. When it comes to facts and figures, we are transparent. We want to inspire you and make you think. We want to create awareness about the many solutions big and small which already exist. We want to celebrate progress and encourage people to go even further – remembering, at the same time, that looking back is often just as helpful as looking forward.

The range of topics covered is diverse. It stretches from authentic regional cuisine to modern concepts of sharing sports equipment. We give tips on how to travel into the mountains using public transport and share old tricks on avoiding waste when making a packed lunch. We report on outdoor trends with almost zero carbon footprint – from hiking and flying to wild swimming. We tell you how even the top luxury hotels manage to promote sustainability with wooden walls and sheep’s wool insulation. And, of course, we address the big climate-related issues such as how clean Tirol’s energy is and why not just cities but also remote valleys can benefit from innovative transport concepts.

Eco.Tirol. invites you to discover Tirol – and help protect the region for future generations.

Enjoy reading the articles. We hope you find yourself inspired by the stories and ideas.

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