Mountain Rescue Tirol Emergency App

In addition to the standard alpine emergency number 140, rapid assistance for alpine accidents is also obtainable via the free Mountain Rescue Emergency App operated by the Tirol Control Centre. It helps you report an emergency as well as simultaneously transmitting your location via GPS.


Mountain Rescue Tirol Emergency App, © Tirol Werbung

The Mountain Rescue Tirol Emergency Smartphone App operated by the Tirol Control Centre is a new alternative method for reporting emergencies in alpine terrain. The (almost) exact localisation of the victim by means of an integrated GPS module significantly reduces the time period between alerting emergency services and the actual rescue. At the same time, the telephone connection allows the emergency situation to be clarified and provides the person concerned with verbal assistance on how to deal with the emergency. The Mountain Rescue Tirol Emergency App is therefore a valuable addition to the official alpine emergency number 140 and, under certain circumstances, can even save lives.

All details on the Mountain Rescue Tirol Emergency App at a glance

  • specifically designed for emergencies in the alpine area within Tirol
  • can only be used in Tirol
  • the only emergency app directly connected with Tirol’s Control Centre
  • transmission of victim’s location at the touch of a button (GPS coordinates) and personal data (per internet or SMS) to Tirol’s Control Centre in an acute emergency situation
  • simultaneous establishment of a telephone connection with the Tirol Control Centre to clarify the situation
  • alerting and scheduling of required emergency personnel by the Tirol Control Centre
  • contains test function that allows you to test the data transmission function and telephone connection without the worry of triggering a false alarm

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The Mountain Rescue Tirol Emergency App is available

for free.


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