Wiltener Sängerknaben (Wilten Boys’ Choir), © Wiltener Sängerknaben
Wiltener Sängerknaben (Wilten Boys’ Choir), © Wiltener Sängerknaben

Choir Music in Tirol

The highest standards of choral music: sacral and secular, from Renaissance to the present day, with instrumental accompaniment and a cappella – the top 5 Tirolean choirs.

Singing is health and makes you happy. A scientifically proven fact. And beautiful vocals delight audiences. Listeners will be mesmerised by the following sweet-sounding choirs.


1 · Wiltener Sängerknaben (Wilten Boys’ Choir)

Characteristic features of the Wilten Boys’ Choir – besides the traditional Wiltener costume – are their voices. A special singing technique developed by Johannes Stecher is responsible for giving the boys' voices a bell-like sound, a unique intensity and strength. The choir’s repertoire ranges from sacral pieces to traditional alpine folk songs, works by Johann Strauß, Carl Orff, Guiseppe Verdi and Carl Zeller.

Wiltener Sängerknaben · Klostergasse 1 · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.664.88673782 · info@saengerknaben.com · www.saengerknaben.com


2 · Capella Vocalis Innsbruck

Capella Vocalis Innsbruck mixed choir presents work from various eras, often with orchestral accompaniment. Their performances of long forgotten works and rarely heard pieces by Tirolean composers are well received. The emphasis of the choir’s work is church concerts.

Capella Vocalis Innsbruck  · Neuhauserstr. 13b · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.664.5517762 · joachim-mayer@gmx.at · www.capella-vocalis.at


3 · Collegium vocale Innsbruck Chamber Choir

The chamber choir collaborates regularly with national and internationally renowned conductors, orchestras, soloists and choirs, contributing significantly to the cultural diversity of Tirol. The programme embraces works from all music epochs, with a cappella pieces, masses and oratorios.

Kammerchor Collegium vocale Innsbruck · Maximilianstraße 33 · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.650.2044013 · brigitte.berauer@chello.at ·www.collegiumvocale.info


4 · Walther von der Vogelweide Chamber Choir

Established in 1946, the choir performs works ranging from the Renaissance period to modern day. In recent years, these have included Dixit Dominus by Georg Friedrich Händel, the world premiere of Martin Lichtfuss' Psalmenmesse and works by Peter Suitner and Eric Whitacre.

Kammerchor Walther von der Vogelweide · Innstraße 107 · 6020 Innsbruck · +43.660.2220992 · vogel.weide@tirol.com · www.vogelweide.tsn.at


5 · Cantomania

This choir’s repertoire consists of both religious and secular choral music. Cantomania has performed major works spanning five centuries, although they are also devoted to performing less well known and contemporary choral music.


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