Geierwally Freilichtbühne in the Lechtal Valley, © kdg mediacope/Arnold Weißenbach
Geierwally Freilichtbühne in the Lechtal Valley, © kdg mediacope/Arnold Weißenbach

Musical Theatre, Shows and Entertainment – Tirol’s Top 10 Playhouses

From contemporary theatre to the classics – many Tyrolean stages and theatre festivals stage remarkable and challenging productions throughout the year. Whether comedy, tragedy or drama, the theatre scene in Tirol is very much alive.

From contemporary theatre to the classics: many Tyrolean stages and theatre festivals stage remarkable and challenging productions throughout the year. Whether comedy, tragedy or drama – the theatre world in Tirol is very much alive.

1 · Tiroler Landestheater

This three-genre house on Innsbruck’s Rennweg offers a cultural programme of international standards from September to July. The annual repertoire is an eclectic mix, ranging from popular classics to exciting premieres. The dance company in particular has aroused great attention in recent years.

Tiroler Landestheater & Symphonieorchester Innsbruck • Rennweg 2 • 6020 Innsbruck • +43.512.52074 •


2 · Kellertheater

Innsbruck’s Kellertheater (Cellar Theatre) has enriched the local theatre scene since 1979, with a successful blend of professionalism and commitment. With seating for around 70, the stage is set under a vaulted brick arch in the “Stoeckl Building” at Adolf-Pichler-Platz 8.

Innsbrucker Kellertheater • Adolf-Pichler-Platz 8 • 6020 Innsbruck • +43.512.580743 •

3 · Westbahntheater

The Westbahntheater (Western Railway Theatre) in Innsbruck is pitched towards the contemporary scene. Young authors inspire audiences with new pieces that are critical, entertaining, and emphatic. Performances are sassy and refreshing.

Westbahntheater Innsbruck • Feldstraße 1 • 6020 Innsbruck • +43.650.9251255 •

4 · Haus der Musik

Theatre, dance, opera – when it comes to different genres of stage performance, the Haus der Musik is about as diverse as it gets. This brand new building in the heart of Innsbruck's arts district is considered an architectural masterpiece in its own right and houses ten important cultural institutions which used to be spread across the city. They include the Tirolean Symphony Orchestra, the small-stage productions of the Tirolean Regional Theatre, Innsbruck University's Institute of Musical Studies and the Tirolean Regional Conservatory of Music.

Haus der Musik • Universitätsstr. 1 • 6020 Innsbruck • +43.512.520740 •

5 · Tiroler Volksschauspiele Telfs

Every summer since 1981, Tiroler Volksschauspiele Telfs (Folk Theatre) has provided the very best folk theatre entertainment. Thespian icons such as Ruth Drexel, Hans Brenner, Felix Mitterer and Dietmar Schönherr have demonstrated their ample skills both on and back stage. The Volksschauspiele programme includes traditional plays by William Shakespeare to Bertolt Brecht, as well as folk theatre by Karl Schönherr to Franz Kranewitter and modern pieces by Felix Mitterer to Klaus Händl.

Tiroler Volksschauspiele Telfs • Gemeindeamt Telfs, 1. Stock • Untermarkt 5 • 6410 Telfs • +43.5262.62014 •

6 · Humiste Imst

Humiste Theatre Forum in Imst seek exceptional challenges. Exceptional, because unconventional pieces are performed best in an unconventional manner. Humiste stage regular theatre evenings that will make you laugh, cry, or ponder.

Theaterforum Humiste • Kapellenweg 24 • 6460 Imst •

7 · Sommertheater Kitzbühel

Kitzbühel Summer Theatre proves every year anew that it has much to offer concerning cultural heritage. A spectacular display of thespian talent meets every year on stage at Kitzbühel, attracting wide audiences from German speaking countries.

Sommertheater Kitzbühel • Josef-Herold-Straße 12 • 6370 Kitzbühel • +43.664.3142101 •

8 · Theater praesent

Theater praesent in Innsbruck’s Jahn-Strasse is home to a very straightforward, honest and uncontrived form of acting. The focus is on a clear and unbiased look at the environment, relationships, conflicts, dreams and darker depths of the human soul.

Theater praesent • Jahnstraße 25 • 6020 Innsbruck • +43.650.6436036 •

9 · Freies Theater Innsbruck

The Freie Theater Innsbruck (Free Theatre) provides a platform for numerous independent theatre companies to stage exciting productions. The aim is to bring new artistic ideas and innovative concepts to the Tirolean theatre scene.

Freies Theater Innsbruck • Wilhelm-Greil-Straße 23 • 6020 Innsbruck • +43.664.1129285 •

10 · Schlossbergspiele Rattenberg

The historic castle ruins of Rattenberg provide the backdrop for the Schlossbergspiele Rattenberg Theatre Festival. Working together with professional directors, the dedicated amateur ensemble perform premieres, first performances and commissioned pieces. The programme ranges from Shakespeare, Schönherr, Kranewitter, Orff, Turrini, Dürrenmatt, to Horvàth and Felix Mitterer.

Schlossbergspiele Rattenberg • Klostergasse 94 • 6240 Rattenberg • +43.5337.64002 •

11. Geierwally Open Air Stage

© Arnold Weissenbach

The spectacular and unique open air theatre in the Bernhardstal Gorge at Elbigenalp is a real insider’s tip for theatre lovers. This stunning setting is transformed into an impressive stage every summer, where predominantly regional pieces are performed. Naturally formed out of rock, the stage is  dedicated to the painter, Anna Stainer-Knittel, who was born in Elbigenalp in 1841 and went down in history as the famous „Geierwally“. Since opening in 1993, when Felix Mitterer’s stage production of the „Geierwally“ play premiered, the theatre has celebrated great success with renditions of the „Schwabenkinder – Swabian Children“, „Mein Ungeheuer – My Beast“ and „Sturm in den Bergen – Storm in the Mountains“.

Tourismusverband Lechtal · Untergiblen 23 · 6652 Elbigenalp · +43.5634.5315-12 · ·

12 · Steudltenn Theatre Festival

The Steudltenn theatre, © Tirol Werbung / Bert Heinzlmeier

April marks the start of the "Steudltenn season" in the Zillertal Valley. Founded by Bernadette Abendstein and Hakon Hirzenberger, this festival is based in a 700-year-old barn in Uderns which has been lovingly transformed into a theatre. From humble beginnings the festival has grown to include comedy, music and literature. There is also a separate programme aimed at children and teenagers. Among the famous names from the world of German-speaking theatre to have appeared on stage at the Steudltenn Theatre Festival are Markus Linder and Hans Sigl. Recent productions have included classics such as "Momo" and "Parzifal". The theatre also regularly performs works by the well-known Tirolean playwright Felix Mitterer.

Steudltenn Theatre Festival · Kirchweg 22 · 6271 Uderns/Zillertal · +43.650.2727054 · ·

13 · Stadttheater Kufstein

Founded over 100 years ago, the Stadttheater Kufstein is famous for its amateur dramatics productions ranging from laugh-out-loud comedies to heart-wrenching tragedies and classic plays. It puts on seven productions a year, including dance, open-air performances and traditional Tirolean farces.

Stadttheater Kufstein · 6330 Kufstein · Hildegard Reitberger ·  +43.5372.67840 · +43.676.9161457 · ·

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