Angerer Alm in St. Johann, © Tirol Werbung/Frank Bauer
Angerer Alm in St. Johann, © Tirol Werbung/Frank Bauer

„Bewusst Tirol“ restaurants in Tirol

When you see the “Bewusst Tirol” (“Tirol Conscious”) logo at a restaurant, you know you are getting the freshest, highest-quality products available—they do farm-to-table better than just about anywhere else.

Tirol is well-known for its tender beef, luscious lamb and goat and its healthy, grass-fed raw milk—freshest produce where you can taste the distinctive flavour of the heathers and mountain herbs it has been reared on. Combine these quality products with Tirol's dedicated chefs, and you have the perfect meal. The “Bewusst Tirol” restaurants are committed to supporting Tirol agriculture and using the best products the Heart of the Alps offers. By the way, the quality and beauty of Tirol's landscape depends upon working farmers, ranchers, dairymen and shepherds—they are working hard to preserve and cultivate our amazing natural resources for visitors and locals alike to enjoy.

It’s All Natural

Tirol farmers are bringing in some gorgeous produce, thanks to the highly productive soils, clean water from the mountains and climate conditions that give rise to superior flavour development. The animals roam free range over extensive areas of mountain, where they eat grasses, herbs, wild flowers, heathers and drink natural spring water. With expertise and attention for the detail, regional cheesemakers are using the finest quality Tirol milk to create the famously delicious specialties of the East Alps that travellers and locals can’t get enough of. Visit these fine restaurants and...taste Tirol!

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