Bear Caching Park in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, © TVB Serfaus Fiss Ladis/Andreas Kirschner
Bear Caching Park in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, © TVB Serfaus Fiss Ladis/Andreas Kirschner

Geocaching for Kids in Tirol

Geocaching is a modern day treasure hunt where players use coordinates to locate strategically placed hidden containers, called geocaches, with the help of a GPS enabled device. Each geocache will lead you to a safe, easy-to-access location—the real prize is the scenery along the way. Sounds like a challenge? With a number of notable geocaches in Tirol, you’re sure to find one!

A GPS treasure hunt encourages children to explore the great outdoors, use observational skills and have an adventure. Critical and creative thinking skills are necessary when seeking a geocache, and these cornerstones of problem solving and scientific thought are modeled and transferred to children when geocaching in Tirol. Geocache finders are not supposed to take the geocache once they’ve found it. There is a log book inside where finders can sign their name and announce their success. The geocache should be returned to its hiding spot when finders are finished. Geocachers can remove an item from the geocache but are requested to put in a replacement item of equal or greater value. Using a handheld GPS enabled device and the coordinates posted, seekers can begin their treasure hunt in Tirol!

Locate geocaches close to where you’ll be visiting in Tirol or check out the recommendations below. allows you to locate caches according to city, address, zip code or latitude and longitude. Bring your GPS device or smartphone on a hike with the family and pick up some caches along the way!

What is Geocaching?

Go treasure hunting in the Tirolean Mountains

  • Austria’s First Geocaching Region, Mieming Sun Plateau & Tirol Mitte, is a great place to test your treasure-hunting skills—and to enjoy the awesome beauty of nature.
  • Geocachers are sure to stand out while exploring Hahnenkamm Mountain in Kitzbühel: With GPS devices practically glued to their hands, they’re seeking more than gorgeous views and athletic feats (as if those aren’t treasure-worthy enough!).
  • The unique Bear Caching Park in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is part of the interactive Murmli Water Alpine Playground in Serfaus. The bear is tracked with smartphones and the goal is to discover the secret of “Master Bruin”, the treasure in the bear’s belly. New this summer: The Village Walk of Ladis.
  • Use GPS coordinates to discover the Hidden Caches of Ötztal Valley: On this fun-filled, GPS assisted treasure hunt you can gather not only the highly coveted "Ötz-Taler" Geocoins but also discover the most hidden and scenic places of the entire Ötztal Valley. For little ones, a treasure map marks the location of buried treasures.
  • Those wanting to find a geocache in Tux have to summit peaks, among other challenges. Locating the strategically placed hidden containers with the help of a GPS enabled device is offered at all times of the year in Tux.
  • Want to go on a unique adventure in Alpbachtal Valley? Use your GPS to search for hidden treasures in this incredibly scenic and interesting area.
  • There’s even treasure hunting on the tracks of His Majesty, King Serles: Stubai Valley is one of many secretive geocaching locations around Tirol. Overshadowed by lofty Serles Peak, the valley’s iconic mountain, kids aged 10+ can locate strategically placed hidden containers within the Stubai Fall Activity Program
  • With about 300 Caches hidden in Tannheimer Tal Valley, you and your kids are sure to find one! Special caches for little ones are located at the most beautiful spots of Tannheimer Tal Valley, including Lohmoos, Haldensee Lake and Stuibenalpe Alpine Pasture—a great way to introduce children to trails, navigation and hiking! GPS devices are available for rent at the Schwarzer Adler Hotel.

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