Goetheweg Trail above Innsbruck, © Tirol Werbung/Hans Herbig
Goetheweg Trail above Innsbruck, © Tirol Werbung/Hans Herbig

Eagle Walk Stages in the Karwendel Mountains

From Lake Achensee to Innsbruck and the Leutasch Valley, these seven stages travel across the heart of the Karwendel Mountains.

For a taste of the finest meadows, loftiest peaks, craggiest mountains and sharpest ridgelines along the Eagle Walk, head to the gorgeous Karwendel Mountains. A number of places here in Austria’s largest nature park are so special that you’ll have the images etched into your memory for years to come. Including some of Tirol’s most legendary crags and peaks, those you may have heard mentioned in slightly hushed tones, the kind reserved for stories that inspire reverence, such as the Laliderer Wände, the Falken Group, the Großer Bettelwurf and Frau Hitt. This rugged range has over 120 mountain peaks over 2,000 metres.

Seven stages of the Eagle Walk travel across the heart of the scenic Karwendel Mountains. From Pertisau on the shores of Lake Achensee a gentle ascent takes you into the Falzthurntal Valley and to the Gramaialm hut. You’ll pass the amazing Ahornboden, an Alpine plateau of gnarled sycamore maples, on your way to the Karwendelhaus hut. On the walk from the Karwendelhaus to the Hallerangerhaus you will find yourself in a world almost as far removed as you can get from the forested valleys below: steep, brushy, challenging and technical, with the summit of the 2,749m Birkkarspitze as highlight in the true sense of the word. Stage 12 is a trek where you will get the best of both worlds – remote mountain wilderness along Goetheweg trail and the urban sophistication of a historic city.

Stage 14 from Innsbruck to the Solsteinhaus hut returns to the Karwendel Mountains after a short detour into the Tux Alps.

Eagle Walk Stages at Karwendel Mountains

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