Indian Summer: 10 Beautiful Autumn Landscapes in Tirol

One does not need to possess the eloquence of a poet, but it would come in handy in order to express oneself as Rainer Maria Rilke did in his famous poem "Autumn Day" (1902): "Lord, it is time. Let the summer go. / Lay your long shadows on the sundials, / And over harvest piles let winds blow". The comparison between the cycle of the changing seasons and the birth and demise of human life springs to mind. Autumn is the interconnecting period between the extremes of summer and winter. It is a special time. And one of great beauty.

Days are no longer oppressively hot; evenings are not uncomfortably cold. The thunderstorm period is over, a strong wind blows through the trees and clears the mind. The meadows are mown one last time and fruit is harvested. And these colours! Without doubt: notwithstanding spring, summer and winter, autumn is undisputedly the best time to explore Tirol – ten beautiful autumn landscapes from west to east.


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