The Bike Trail Tirol

Epitomizing the best that mountain biking has to offer, the Bike Trail Tirol is the longest mountain bike trail of the Alps and forms a loop around Tirol. The 1,000-kilometer long trail has a total elevation gain of 27,000 meters and allows mountain bikers to experience Tirol's pristine natural beauty on 32 stages.

You can start wherever you please and mostly can ride either direction. Whether you prefer a gentle recreational one-day ride, or a physically demanding and highly technical two-week experience, there will be a great trip along the Bike Trail Tirol to suit you. The grand loop tour provides superb and rigorous workouts for even the fittest mountain biker, with courses ranging from the sedate to the insane, with spectacular scenery the only possible distraction from the thrills on offer.

For each of the 32 Bike Trail Tirol stages we provide a comprehensive description, overview map and GPS data.

Multi Day Rides on the Bike Trail Tirol

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