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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe


Updated on 01.01.2024 in Family from Gero Günther
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The Falschlunger family has been running a farm in Mutters for generations – and they live closely together with the livestock for reasons of space alone. The proximity between people and animals ensures calmness and contentment – and shows why these small farms must remain.
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Guest author
Updated on 28.08.2023 in Family from Guest Author
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Absolutely! Tirol is a great destination for families with children - especially if you embrace the five lessons learned by our author while staying in the Wilder Kaiser Mountains.
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Guest author
Updated on 20.06.2022 in Family from Guest Author
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East Tirol. Christian, my husband, has been backcountry skiing and ski touring in Villgratental Valley several times. Every time he returned home, he was totally enthralled by the experience. Not only because of the varied backcountry terrain; he also liked the remote valleys and the pristine wilderness in this area on the border to South Tyrol. East Tirol is where Austria and Italy collide. There is no mass tourism here. Instead of vast hotel complexes, the mountainsides here are dotted with sun-bleached timbered farmhouses. But that's not to say that it’s a backwater, just alluringly remote. East Tirol is close to Italy and to the Sexten Dolomites, with the world renowned Tre Cime (Italian for "three peaks"). These distinctive battlement-like peaks of northeastern Italy are on display in East Tirol, Dolomites near and far can be seen. Moreover, the fusion of an Austrian-Italian style of cooking makes this place a hit.
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Tirol has more to offer than "just" mountains. The region is home to many gorgeous lakes, including the turquoise Plansee. This body of water, the second-largest in Tirol, is ideal for family adventures together in a canoe – no experience required.
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Updated on 04.12.2017 in Family from Michael
1 min reading time
New Zealand native Casey Moore lives in East Sussex, England, where he works as a photographer. As a youngster he taught himself the art of photography and spent many hours honing his skills in the darkroom. For his large-scale exhibition images he still uses traditional analogue methods and develops each photo by hand. When it comes to his work, he draws inspiration from a quote by the surrealist Roger Caillos: "Without humanity, there remains aesthetic. It is nature itself that dictates human aesthetics and imagination."
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Hiking can be something that is easily bumped from your schedule if inclement weather hits. So what are you going to do? Stay inside because the weather is conspiring against you? Well, perhaps it’s time to add a little variety to your hiking routine. The rule of thumb for a rainy-day hike is: Make it fun! Fortunately, the Treehouse Trail in Stubai Valley’s Schlick2000 is a new family attraction that makes your drizzly-day family hike a fantastic success.
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Schwimmen am Natterer See (c) Innsbruck Tourismus / Woergoetter
Naturally, Tirol’s summer season is a beacon to travelers who love the great outdoors, with hundreds of miles of hiking trails and mountain bike routes and – what I like best – worthwhile attractions up on the mountains and down in the valleys. However, there’s no summer memory better than those spent “at the lake.” Fortunately, there are many places to dip more than a toe into the water: Tirol’s mountain lakes are just waiting for you and your family to create unforgettable memories. Here I will reveal a couple of the most promising of Tirol lakes for families.
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Triassic Park
Updated on 04.04.2016 in Family from Julia
5 min reading time
Every parent knows that little ones tend to get fixated on one thing and dwell on it for weeks, months — maybe years. My boys now go through a "dinosaur phase", where they are really into dinosaurs. Well, some obsessions are more fun than others are; this year we have decided to spend our summer holidays at home and explore all of Tirol’s mountain adventure parks. And luckily, there’s a dinosaur attraction in the easternmost corner of Tirol, where we start our discovery tour of the country.
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Who needs to walk when you can run…
First, let’s lay it all on the table. My boys aren’t as enthused about hiking as I am. It can be quite a challenge to encourage the two of them to pull on some hiking boots and hit the trail. We could try to walk to an Alpine pasture with them, or even scaling peaks together, in theory. In reality, we would not manage that with everyone’s mood relatively intact. Think fussing and meltdowns. How fortunate that Tirol boasts many trails that combine hiking along with fun to create a memorable and growing experience. They have some tricks up their sleeve to get kids excited about hiking so we can enjoy the great outdoors together.
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