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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe


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Updated on 12.05.2021 in Family from Guest Author
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Absolutely! Tirol is a great destination for families with children - especially if you embrace the five lessons learned by our author while staying in the Wilder Kaiser Mountains.
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Tirol has more to offer than "just" mountains. The region is home to many gorgeous lakes, including the turquoise Plansee. This body of water, the second-largest in Tirol, is ideal for family adventures together in a canoe – no experience required.
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Casey Moore is a professional photographer living in East Sussex, England. He is well known for his analogue photography and still develops each photo by hand. This year he spent his winter holidays in Tirol and of course he brought his camera with him. The following series of photos were all shot during his family holiday in Hall and Kitzbühel in Tirol.
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Kugelwald, literally “Ball Forest”, on Glungezer Mountain is home to the world’s largest wooden track. (Photography:
Updated on 18.04.2019 in Family from Silvia
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Wondering how you’re going to keep the kids occupied in Innsbruck and environs? Fear not, as we’ve put together some ideas to help you build your own itinerary to suit your family!
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Foto: Casey Moore
Updated on 14.01.2019 in Family from Theresa
3 min reading time
New Zealand native Casey Moore lives in East Sussex, England, where he works as a photographer. The following series of photos were all shot during a family holiday in Hochgurgl and Serfaus.
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In Tirol, there are new opportunities to get young kids ages 3 to 6 on skis, in a way that is safe and enjoyable: The pre-school “Spielplatz Schnee" (literally "Playground Snow”) Programs are offered at 28 Tirolean ski schools. I sat down with David Bichler, Manager of Kirchdorf Ski School, to get his take on what it takes to get even the littlest kids in on the action.
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Updated on 01.10.2018 in Family from Julia
7 min reading time
Before you had kids, dining out was something you looked forward to. Now, you’re not so sure (you know, simultaneous meltdowns from all kids, having to carry them out kicking and screaming, that type of thing.). Honestly speaking, restaurants and kids can be a recipe for disaster...
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Updated on 04.04.2018 in Family from Michael
3 min reading time
Given the option of spending time on a beach or in the mountains, which would your kids choose? In the mountains of Tirol, they could be detectives, explorers or super heroes. Read on for a peek at some of our favorite family adventures in the Alps…
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Updated on 04.12.2017 in Family from Michael
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New Zealand native Casey Moore lives in East Sussex, England, where he works as a photographer. As a youngster he taught himself the art of photography and spent many hours honing his skills in the darkroom. For his large-scale exhibition images he still uses traditional analogue methods and develops each photo by hand. When it comes to his work, he draws inspiration from a quote by the surrealist Roger Caillos: "Without humanity, there remains aesthetic. It is nature itself that dictates human aesthetics and imagination."
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Hiking can be something that is easily bumped from your schedule if inclement weather hits. So what are you going to do? Stay inside because the weather is conspiring against you? Well, perhaps it’s time to add a little variety to your hiking routine. The rule of thumb for a rainy-day hike is: Make it fun! Fortunately, the Treehouse Trail in Stubai Valley’s Schlick2000 is a new family attraction that makes your drizzly-day family hike a fantastic success.
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