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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe

Food & Drink

Spinach dumplings
Updated on 08.05.2023 in Food & Drink from Julia
3 min reading time
There are these days. It happens to all of us. It’s time to make lunch and I just don’t know what to make. Honestly speaking, it happens to me quite often. Well, if I’m at a loss, these spinach dumplings are just the thing! They are easy to make and always a hit with my boys. They contain enough spinach so my kids and I can enjoy healthy nutrients. They taste positively decadent, without needing any high-price ingredients. And they are wonderful to freeze and eat later. Here is my recipe for cooking delicious spinach dumplings. Sometimes it helps to have a visual: Watch the video below where we will walk you through every step of how to make them. Enjoy!
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Updated on 24.04.2023 in Food & Drink from Klaus
14 min reading time
From pale ale to the fearsomely strong "Bockbier", Tirol’s brewing landscape is diversifying. Small start-ups are appearing throughout the region, while larger and more established breweries are experimenting more than ever before. We put together a team of beer experts and set them the onerous task of selecting the top beers from Tirol. Cheers!
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Updated on 24.04.2023 in Food & Drink from Klaus
2 min reading time
Have you ever had “Tiroler Gröstl”? A local take on bubble and squeak, this bacon, meat, onion and potato fry-up is the kind of hearty fare that will set you right. Traditionally, it is a delicious and satisfying way of using up yesterday’s left-overs. It makes a great shared-from-the-pan mountain lunch. And it is quite easy to cook at home. Watch the video below where we will walk you through every step of how to make this delightful Tirol staple. Of course we’ve got you covered and share this fantastic recipe with you. Enjoy!
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The Berghof serves only lamb sourced from its own mountain farm., © Tirol Werbung / Ramon Haindl
Jürgen Schmücking
Updated on 27.03.2023 in Food & Drink from Jürgen Schmücking
5 min reading time
Bacon dumplings with a cold beer? Often it is the classic dishes that are still the best. We have compiled a list of ten traditional guesthouses in Tirol committed to local cuisine with an innovative idea or tantalising twist.
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Vinzent keeps an eye on things as the meat slowly cooks on the wood-burning stove with its iron plate.
Oliver Stolle
Updated on 20.03.2023 in Food & Drink from Oliver Stolle
8 min reading time
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Updated on 05.12.2022 in Food & Drink from Christina
5 min reading time
Outside the wind whistles and the rain pours, but inside the warm farmhouse kitchen it's nice and cosy. The scent of freshly baked cookies fills the air and reminds me of my childhood, when we would pinch the odd biscuit straight from the tray as soon as they came out of the oven. With Christmas just around the corner, I am looking forward to making my own cookies once again this year. Farmer and baking expert Karoline Schapfl kindly invited me into her kitchen in Lans to share some of her top tips.
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Monika Hirschhuber, © Tirol Werbung / Ramon Haindl
Updated on 07.11.2022 in Food & Drink from
5 min reading time
As a girl, Monika Hirschhuber (80) dreamt of becoming a midwife. In the end she trained as a chef – a job she loves until this day.
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Georg Hauser runs the kitchen at the Gasthaus Nester in Stumm. , © Tirol Werbung / Ramon Haindl
Updated on 10.10.2022 in Food & Drink from
6 min reading time
Georg Hauser grew up at the inn that is now his restaurant – the Gasthaus Nester. As a child he was fascinated above all by evenings at the inn: the hustle and bustle, the smells, the thick fog of smoke, the women's cologne. The worst moment for Georg was when he was sent to bed at eight o'clock and silence fell on his room. He would have so preferred to stay downstairs and immerse himself in the laughter, merriment and dancing, if only as a silent observer. "Even as a child I was often afraid of missing out on something."
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Something's in the air at the Stiar in Ischgl! Our author sniffs away at the alpine pork in the hope of finding the promised dandelion aroma.
Updated on 22.08.2022 in Food & Drink from
16 min reading time
When it comes to food, Tirol has two big players: Ischgl and Kitzbühel. But which of these two culinary giants is better? We travelled to the east and west of Tirol to compare and contrast. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!
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Spinach dumplings
Updated on 27.06.2002 in Food & Drink from Wolfgang Westermeier
4 min reading time
Dumplings are a core part of the Tirolean diet. While centuries ago there were just a few different varieties, these days you will find all manner of weird and wonderful creations. Here are our top five dumplings you have to try next time you are in Tirol.
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