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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe

Food & Drink

Updated on 18.08.2021 in Food & Drink from Wolfgang Westermeier
8 min reading time
Vegetarian, flexitarian – or just fancy something different? Eating out in Tirol doesn't have to be a meat-fest. Throughout the region there are plenty of huts, guesthouses and restaurants with a wide range of vegetarian dishes prepared using local organic produce. Here is our guide to meat-free dining in Tirol.
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Fresh salad with wild herbs can often be found on the menu in Tirol's huts.
Updated on 16.08.2021 in Food & Drink from Sandra Langmann
14 min reading time
Oat milk cappucinos, raspberry-banana smoothies, sweet-and-sour poke bowls – in urban centres like Innsbruck, vegan food is pretty much everywhere. But what's it like in the mountains? Our vegan reporter set out for a little plant-based hiking. Joining her on a five-day walk in the Gschnitztal Valley was her boyfriend – not a vegan himself ("Sorry, it just tastes too good.") but most defintely a fan of organic produce.
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Updated on 28.06.2021 in Food & Drink from Julia
2 min reading time
Elderflower syrup making season is here!  In June, the Elderberries are flowering and there is no better time to be outside harvesting elderflowers. Ahh, the taste of summer. Ice cream, sunbathing, swimming, …  And, of course, elderflower syrup. This refreshing and delicious syrup is a great way to capture in a bottle the essence of summer! Here’s my best elderflower syrup recipe for you.
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There are no limits to creativity in cooking. 
, © Tirol Werbung /Sebastian Gabriel
Jürgen Schmücking
Updated on 23.06.2021 in Food & Drink from Jürgen Schmücking
13 min reading time
Food also has its fashions. Some trends stay, others disappear as quickly as they came. Molecular cuisine? Don't worry if you've never heard of it. Other trends, however, are more than just fads. They concern the way we use and value our resources. These trends will stay, particularly in fine-dining locations. We set out on a culinary journey of discovery through Tirol with our finger on the pulse of the latest food fashions.
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© Maria Kirchner
Irene Heisz
Updated on 21.06.2021 in Food & Drink from Irene
6 min reading time
Sabrina, Katrin and Maria Steindl run the Unterwirt in Ebbs. We sat down with the three sisters to talk service, servants and striking the balance between authentic hospitality and award-winning food.
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A wonderfully crispy dessert from Tirol that is fun to make at home: “Strauben”
Updated on 27.05.2021 in Food & Drink from Klaus
3 min reading time
“Strauben” are Tirol’s answer to funnel cakes: A batter of flour, eggs and milk is poured through a funnel, fried to even brownness and sprinkled with powdered sugar – a wonderfully crispy dessert that is fun to make at home.
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Peter Fankhauser from the village of Kaltenbach in the Zillertal Valley has launched his own personal cooking revolution. It goes by the name of "Guatz’Essen" and is a restaurant serving only vegetarian and vegan dishes – nothing special in London or Berlin, but a bold step in meat-loving Tirol. All the ingredients used in the kitchen are sourced from his own permaculture garden. While the vibe is similar to what you will find in some of Austria's hippest dining locations, the prices at Guatz’Essen are very down-to-earth. We met up with the man himself to find out more.
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Updated on 06.04.2021 in Food & Drink from Klaus
2 min reading time
Apples, flour, eggs and milk. That's all you need to make "Apfelradln", one of the most popular sweet treats in Tirol. Mix them all together and pop them in the pan with a little butter for a few minutes et voilà. Check out the recipe below for what we think is probably the best way to eat fruit.
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Updated on 23.03.2021 in Food & Drink from Klaus
8 min reading time
Tirol’s brewing landscape is diversifying. Small start-ups are appearing throughout the region, while larger and more established breweries are experimenting more than ever before. We put together a team of beer experts and set them the onerous task of selecting the top beers from Tirol. Cheers!
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When the temperatures start to rise and the days start getting longer, most people don’t feel like spending hours preparing food in the kitchen anymore. So, we have put together some fast and delicious snacks made from regional ingredients. The best way to enjoy these snacks is together with friends!
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