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Jagdhausalmen Alpine Pastures, Defereggen, East Tirol, Austria, Europe

Food & Drink

A view for hungry eyes and hungry stomachs.
The lush meadows and craggy peaks of the Mittelgebirge mountains near Innsbruck are the perfect place to combine hiking with eating. Our intrepid reporters set out on a trail for foodies taking them from one hut to the next, each offering not only delicious cuisine but also a bed for the night.
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Updated on 31.03.2022 in Food & Drink from Fiona Park
6 min reading time
Berlin has one. So does Amsterdam, Prague and pretty much every other city in Europe. We’re talking, of course, about food tours, and now Innsbruck has joined the club. We spent a day with Kurt Reindl from Innsbruck Food Tours to get a taste of Tirol’s unique food culture.
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Updated on 17.03.2022 in Food & Drink from Klaus
2 min reading time
Have you ever had “Tiroler Gröstl”? A local take on bubble and squeak, this bacon, meat, onion and potato fry-up is the kind of hearty fare that will set you right. Traditionally, it is a delicious and satisfying way of using up yesterday’s left-overs. It makes a great shared-from-the-pan mountain lunch. And it is quite easy to cook at home. Watch the video below where we will walk you through every step of how to make this delightful Tirol staple. Of course we’ve got you covered and share this fantastic recipe with you. Enjoy!
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Stockfish used to be made with cod from the Atlantic. Local alternatives include pike and tench, which can also be dried and conservated to make this traditional Tirolean dish.
Jürgen Schmücking
Updated on 17.03.2022 in Food & Drink from Jürgen Schmücking
10 min reading time
"Show me what you eat and I will tell you who you are." We set out on a culinary journey of discovery through Tirol to find out what locals in this part of the world eat and what it tells us about who they are. From the Tirolean Unterland in the east to the Außerfern in the west, our travels took us to some of the region's best eateries and food producers. Read on to learn more about the dishes and delicacies that make Tirol so special.
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Cover the Stollen with melted clarified butter and finally add a thick layer of icing sugar.
Updated on 29.11.2021 in Food & Drink from Theresa
3 min reading time
Despite my best intentions every year, in the run-up to Christmas I always end up overindulging in sweet treats such as sugary "Vanillekipferl" biscuits and Christmas Stollen. But hey, let's be honest, I'm not the only one, right?Marian Moschen from the website Mann backt has shared with us his special recipe for traditional Christmas Stollen. I wish you lots of fun making it and a peaceful, enjoyable Christmas!
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Updated on 17.11.2021 in Food & Drink from Christina
5 min reading time
Outside the wind whistles and the rain pours, but inside the warm farmhouse kitchen it's nice and cosy. The scent of freshly baked cookies fills the air and reminds me of my childhood, when we would pinch the odd biscuit straight from the tray as soon as they came out of the oven. With Christmas just around the corner, I am looking forward to making my own cookies once again this year. Farmer and baking expert Karoline Schapfl kindly invited me into her kitchen in Lans to share some of her top tips.
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Updated on 18.08.2021 in Food & Drink from Wolfgang Westermeier
8 min reading time
Vegetarian, flexitarian – or just fancy something different? Eating out in Tirol doesn't have to be a meat-fest. Throughout the region there are plenty of huts, guesthouses and restaurants with a wide range of vegetarian dishes prepared using local organic produce. Here is our guide to meat-free dining in Tirol.
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Fresh salad with wild herbs can often be found on the menu in Tirol's huts.
Updated on 16.08.2021 in Food & Drink from Sandra Langmann
14 min reading time
Oat milk cappucinos, raspberry-banana smoothies, sweet-and-sour poke bowls – in urban centres like Innsbruck, vegan food is pretty much everywhere. But what's it like in the mountains? Our vegan reporter set out for a little plant-based hiking. Joining her on a five-day walk in the Gschnitztal Valley was her boyfriend – not a vegan himself ("Sorry, it just tastes too good.") but most defintely a fan of organic produce.
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Updated on 28.06.2021 in Food & Drink from Julia
2 min reading time
Elderflower syrup making season is here!  In June, the Elderberries are flowering and there is no better time to be outside harvesting elderflowers. Ahh, the taste of summer. Ice cream, sunbathing, swimming, …  And, of course, elderflower syrup. This refreshing and delicious syrup is a great way to capture in a bottle the essence of summer! Here’s my best elderflower syrup recipe for you.
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There are no limits to creativity in cooking. 
, © Tirol Werbung /Sebastian Gabriel
Jürgen Schmücking
Updated on 23.06.2021 in Food & Drink from Jürgen Schmücking
13 min reading time
Food also has its fashions. Some trends stay, others disappear as quickly as they came. Molecular cuisine? Don't worry if you've never heard of it. Other trends, however, are more than just fads. They concern the way we use and value our resources. These trends will stay, particularly in fine-dining locations. We set out on a culinary journey of discovery through Tirol with our finger on the pulse of the latest food fashions.
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